Saturday, January 14, 2012

What No Orange?

Big game tonight that I'll be glued to for sure. Don't have anything orange to wear though, except for my socks and am wearing them today. Good Luck to our Denver Broncos!
It's Tebow Time! 

Surf to the Future: surfed day 11 on my first spend there. Have 2 more running that will expire in 2 days and 10 days. Everything has been perfect so far keeping in mind that this is a high risk surf. So with member support and new members being added, could last a good long time.
Running Days 11
Total Members 300
Total Deposits $13270 

JBP-JSS: a few things of interest from JBP:

The JSS-Tripler Restart Feed is still expected to take more than a week to complete. At that time you will have all the JSS positions due to you from the latest Restart.

In future there will be more frequent Restarts, but they will have a smaller effect on daily earnings. Some changes coming:
1. Position cut-off date -- most recently bought positions won't be affected.
2. Earnings cut-off -- accounts that have earned less than "" (a variable parameter) won't be affected.
3. Account size factor -- there will be a table with a range of earnings parameters, so the higher the earnings, the higher the percentage of positions converted. At the low range the percentage might be around 10%.

I like it and it all makes sense. It will definitely help the smaller player get into profit with the rest of us. Thumbs Up Frederick Mann!

PXSense: nice new look at PX and a new update:

As some of you might have already noticed, PXSense received an upgrade on its interface. We have added a tool-bar, visible on the top of all pages which are as well now fully SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) supported. If you use "Gravatar" you will see your own profile picture inside your Member's Office. PXSense is using the same avatar service used by Google and thousands of wordpress blogs and other places. 

You can learn more about "Gravatar" from here - and watch the video.

Quick Tip: How to setup your avatar with PXSense!First set your own "Gravatar"–
[1.] Sign up.
[2.] Upload a picture.
[3.] Attach it to the email you use in PXSense.
Tomorrow we will send a nice newsletter introducing all the new features we have been working for the past week. You will also learn about the most recently coming future projects.
Best Regards, Team

GBC: received another payment from Gord which completes one of my 40 boards. Well, it's mid-month so am going to buy a new one to keep it all rolling smoothly. And did I hear some Moose's are coming next? Yes sir! Check the GBC blog and you'll see what I mean.

Lucid Nature: it's Saturday and I did request my first payment from Lucid today. Didn't take long to receive either. Thanks Admin & Members :)

Tripler2: also a very long update from T2 and it's plans for the future. Might want to brew a pot of coffee or grab a 6 pack before getting into it. There's a lot of info to absorb so make yourself comfortable first.
Here is a crucial new update of what is happening with the new T2 website. There will be a partial restructure of the new site, that will ensure that we are No1 program in 2012.

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