Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heaven Help The Idiots

I see them everywhere. Hard to believe this internet business is supposed to be open ONLY for Adults. Sure have been seeing some childish behavior lately. BTW, I have the best readers here in my blog. You guys are always a pleasure to chat with and I'm glad to have you here with me.
But there are fools out there. Don't forget that.

Let's get to work while I take a deep breath, LOL 
JBP-JSS: good update again today, part of it read:
JSS-Tripler now has 91,587 members -- growing at a phenomenal rate! (At the end of last year -- just 10 days ago -- we had about 65,000 members.)
The JSS-Tripler Pay-It-Forward System is working well. All members who create their JSS-Tripler accounts for the first time get "$10 free money" in their JSS- Tripler accounts. They can immediately buy a JSS-Tripler position and start earning 2% per day!
Please tell your prospects that if they create their new JSS-Tripler accounts, they get "$10 free money" to get started. (Note that after 60 days their JSS accounts will be debited with $10.)

The 10% / 5% referral commissions for JSS-Tripler, including for compounding, will remain the same - I had mentioned their possible reduction in the last update. We are very greatful to everyone promoting JustBeenPaid to others, even if it's just to your family and friends.
All good stuff as far as the eye can see. The Restart Feed has started but word is that it will take about a week to complete. So if 5 out of your 20 matrices were placed, sit tight and keep watching. Don't be sending in support tickets about that stuff. Read the updates, visit the conference chat, ask your questions there. Those poor support people have enough to deal with already.
Will be checking my own account in a bit and will be buying more Triplers once I get there.
* Got 1 JSS position from the tripler feed, but -0- from the restart feed. So maybe tomorrow or the next day will be my turn.

Tripler2: member area offline. I don't know what to say about this. There doesn't seem to be any real plan of attack or direction that makes any sense whatsoever. So maybe a new update would be nice. Reading through the forum posts just gets confusing and annoying. And those who actually ask questions that make sense, get a "time out". So will post the next update when I get it. Oh and the Forum is 'For Sale'.
* Later in the day, this is the best I could find.

Saving the new program (adailycash) for last while I collect my thoughts on it.

SurftotheFuture: another smooth surf day done. That's day 8 out of 11 for me. Well, for my first spend anyway. I actually made two. Goin good.

PXSense: had another nice cash-out today so my seed money is coming back little by little. I heard a rumor about some sort of matrix being added? Well, I'll tell you about it when I see it or when I learn more. Deal?

GBC: sorry but gonna skip this one.
Always good stuff, right Gord?

Lucid Nature: was gonna cash out but might wait till the weekend since we don't earn on weekends anyway. OK, that's my plan.

aDailyCash: Advertising ... That Pays!
Saw this one yesterday but didn't jump on it. It was getting late and I was getting tired. Then got to chatting with my sponsor about it and decided to take the plunge. Basics are:
- $10 per advertising position
- Earn 3% daily for 50 days, up to 150% ROI
- No sponsoring requirements
- For each 4 of your expired positions, you can earn a cycle position that pays more later (although I'm not sure that will work if you're a 'passive' player).
- In order to earn that Cycle position, there is a one-time $20 matrix fee. Again, not sure if it's for everyone especially if you don't promote. Am trying to get details on that now so I don't mislead anyone.
- Accepts AP, OKPay, LR and PM.
- Minimum cash out is $20 plus a small fee (5%). (Makes no sense since a $10 will finish at $15. The Admin has been asked to look at this.)
*Also if you compound when you get to $10, then you can cash out, but not for 100 days as opposed to 50.
- 2 Tier RC, 10% and 5%
- Don't know who the Admin is yet but someone does and she's not talking (no it's not me).
**Update: just found this on Gord's blog and he got it from a reliable source: 
"aDailyCash is run by the Admin(s) of, still online today, which started back in March of 2010, so they have been around the block and have experience."
Ahhhhh what else? 
Looks like an easy way to earn a few dollars and fast too. Once we get to $20, we can withdraw, which I will probably do until I feel more comfortable with it. 
Give a holler if you need to. I should be around.
Cheers :)


ElmerFudd said...

Re the first few lines..

Sorry Blondie.
Was in part my fault. I should not have fed the troll in that thread.

blondie said...

I had to go back and read the posts from yesterday cause this morning was a long time ago.
You're right. But he also got confused on your reply.
It's OK.
I know who I am and I sure don't need some goof ball telling me otherwise.