Sunday, January 29, 2012


Wasn't going to post today but something came up that you need to know ...

Some joker is sending out an email supposedly signed by Carl Pearson about a new HYIP that JPB is promoting.


It's called Gold-X-Invest (goldxinvest dot net)

DO NOT believe the email and DO NOT put any money in this!


Fritzie said...

yeah.. if you look at it closely, it does look legitimate and came from jbp but.. when you try compare the "to" and "from" info., the real jbp newsletter says "to: me (me@my_email_ad)"... but the one from the impostor says "to: no-reply@justbeenpaid(dot)com" -- hmmmmm

Thank God I checked your blog Judy, I admit I got excited at first and then suddenly grew suspicious about it lol!

blondie said...

Yep, you got it.
And I read a 'big' promoter was sending this to his list as being from JBP. Ouch!

There is no way JBP would release something so cheesy, IMO.

Have a great day!