Wednesday, January 4, 2012

HumpDayWedNesDay & New Surf Site Just Added

Not been a good day so far. Glad it's still early so there's plenty of time for things to change, lol

JBP-JSS: logged in at 5:45 AM to request an AP withdraw, but the system was already maxed out of AP for the day. Now if my calculations are correct, that would be 2 hours and 45 minutes into their new day of withdrawal requests. Grrrrr. So tried STP next and that DID go through. TG for that since I really didn't want to use LR.
Now I'm trying to log in again and the Captcha Code isn't appearing for me. Well ok, like I said the day is young. Hope it gets better.
UPDATE: we have now enabled SMART captcha... so for normal users using webbrowsers there is no captcha other words LOG IN WITHOUT IT. If you still cannot log in, clear ALL cookies, including passwords, then close the entire browser and reopen and THEN log in.
* I just filled a Matrix! Now am starting to feel better.
** The Captcha Code is back! So it either wasn't working OR people were freaking out and they got overloaded with support tickets. Whatever.

Tripler2: have you ever heard the expression "Stuck between a rock and a hard place"? Yep, that would be me right now. I joined this program using Alert Pay funds and am now unable to get any withdraws through AP. Those who are in the program know that AP is currently 'on hold' waiting for some documentation to be approved. Well OK.
So I can change over to STP or LR IF I want to purchase new DP's with 4 times the amount that I started with in AP? Whoa! Think I'll just wait it out and hope the AP problem gets resolved quickly.

Why does my cat keep wanting to walk on my keyboard? He's got at least 2 other ways to get down from where he is. Yet I keep having to put my arm out so that he doesn't step on the dang keyboard. Sheesh!

PXSense: waiting for today's earning and then I might finally do a cash out. Going by yesterday's earning time, I've got about 3-1/2 more hours.
* Right on the money! At 12:30 PM server time, 2 days in a row I was credited with my interest earned. Glad to see those nagging little things getting adjusted!

Lucid Nature: I'm so weird sometimes. Was scratching my head yesterday wondering why I wasn't earning anything there. Then I remembered that we ONLY receive the % on weekdays, NOT weekends. Whew! For a minute I thought my account got stuck somehow. So I'm OK, you're OK. Yep

Was just thinking about Kent and GlobalSurfPro. It was a good surf site, run honestly and to the best of my knowledge, everyone who played in it was paid out completely. Now, he did mention that he might bring it back in January. So I've hinted around at that in the forum and waiting for a reply. Would much rather join Kent again rather than some unknown, ya know?

Speaking of Surf sites, I just joined a new one. Got a heads up about it from one of my good online friends who I trust dearly, so what the heck. Needed some place easy to advertise without having to do all that clicking in the TE's. (no offence to the TE owners but 'time consuming' it is.)

The site is called "SurfToTheFutureand as you will see, I am #25 in joining. It just opened within the last 24 hours but the only banner they have won't fit on my page, so I'll send in a support ticket to suggest a 125x125 for our sidebars. 
Update: ask and you shall receive. WoW! That was the fastest support response I've ever gotten! 

PLAN 1 - 11% PLAN
11% Daily for 11 days
$25 minimum upgrade
$5 each upgrade unit
Cashout daily
Surf only 25 sites

PLAN 2 - 144% PLAN
144% after 12 days
$5 minimum upgrade
$5 each upgrade unit
Cashout after expire
Surf only 25 sites

I went into the 11x11 daily for now. Added a couple of sites to advertise. Did a fast smooth AUTO-surf of the required 25 sites (pssst, piece of cake). And my daily earning is already showing in my account balance.

Payment options are:
AlertPay, Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money.
Payouts are processed manually and can take up to 48 hours.
My friend wrote that this is a Neversay script. OK, I believe him and it sure does look familiar. Almost comfy to the touch, LOL
Remember to purchase BEFORE you surf else you'll be locked out until the next day.
So there you have it. For $5 bucks in the 12x12 plan, could be worth the advertising alone. As mentioned, I went into the 11x11 using LR and will cash out every couple of days until I get a feel for it. Cheers!

Hey I get to open my windows today. 
Supposed to be almost 60F here! YaY!
And I just caught a Wasp and put him back outside.
That's just crazy for January weather!


That's me at my piano... said...

Hi Blondie,
Re AP - I found a much better way to get my funds to where I want with JSS. Just take the processor they allow for you and get your STP or LR via Xchanger to AP - you wont pay the 8% fees that way - dirt cheap and very reliable Exchanger. When having your LR funds after withdrawal, you may exchange them right on to STP (0% fees + $1) or AP (2% fees + $1)

blondie said...
Oh yeah, on my banner list here.
Haven't used them in so long almost forgot about it.
Thanks for the reminder :)