Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Got a good feeling about this year but can't quite put my finger on it just yet.

JBP:JSS: smooth sailing into the new year! Thanks to all involved! Just filled another of my matrices also. That's a nice New Year present.

PXSense: purchases made using your account balance is only available on weekends, so today I did buy a few more Pixel Ad spaces with those earnings.

GBC: built up a pretty good amount in my account there, so to start the new year off right I purchased another Easy 40 Board and bought into all 4 PIF's. Yep, cost me $91 bucks but hey, we all get it back and then some.

Lucid Nature: I like how this is going also. It's a no-brainer to make money. Doesn't get any easier than this.

ShowBizHits: cash prizes there today. Here's their note:
Happy New Year!!
Let's start the year out with a cash surf! We will load up some cash prize pages and run it from 11 am PST until 9 pm PST on New Year's Day!  Just our way of saying thanks for being such terrific members and to wish you a wonderful New Year!

Also it's the last day for their "Santa Special" on buying Ad credits.
Thanks to Chris and Lisa for running a fun TE :)

For those who remember the Christmas present "Assembly Required" ... guess who had to 'try out' the desk as soon as it got put together. Fat College Cat maybe?


donrsla said...

Happy New Year Blonde.
I wish I had come across your blog before I joined ad2millions.
What a disaster. Everytime they set a new date to reopen, they miss it. Any suggestions?

blondie said...

Suggestions for what?
Carrie has been dragging this on and on and on.
My suggestion is put it on the back burner and hope it comes back as something that is workable again.
I doubt it will but you never know.

Have a good New Year and I'm glad you found my blog also :)