Friday, January 27, 2012

Very Important !

Taking a break today but I just want to confirm a few things here first:

1 - I have never been the Admin of any program.
2 - I do not accept money for writing about programs.
3 - I always play with my own money.
4 - If I don't believe a program will work, I don't share it.
5 - I am not a hacker, never have been and never will be.
6 - I do not know how to launch a ddos attack.
7 - I do not share programs just for the RC. I've already said I play with my own money.
8 - I try to give the best advise I can on any program that I'm in or considering.
9 - I have been in this arena a lot longer than I've been blogging about it.
10 - I don't take insults lightly, especially when they are flat out lies.
11- I am not the "ring leader" of anything. I have been blessed with friends on the internet who I am very thankful for.
12 - I am honest, trustworthy and am not out to harm others.
13 - I am a wife, mother and grand mother.
14 - I am 5'6" and weigh 135. If that constitutes being a pig or elephant (as someone called me), so be it.
15 - If you have not joined my Alert Service, and would like to,

- OR if for some strange reason my blog were to disappear ... then at least I would have a way to contact you to let you know what my new address is.

Yep, there was a reason for writing all that and those of you who follow that unstable person and their programs will know who I'm talking about.

I have no time for this nonsense and this will be the only post I mention it in. Still confusing though why they chose me for the target of their vicious attacks. I've never done anything to hurt them, heck, I don't even know them. Yet I see my name splattered all over their closed program.

So please join my alert list if you haven't already. The email address (link) is at the top of the page, under my pic. I promise not to hound you with anything, but would like to be able to contact you ... just in case.

Thanks to all :)
and have a great evening!


Wesley said...

Wow. I have only been following these programs for about a year now. I was fortunate to find Judy on the MMG forums and found that her posts were very helpful. Judy just tells it like it is and I admire that. I have made some good decisions following Judy's blog and posts on MMG. I have never seen her post anything which deserves for her to be treated poorly. There are many jerks out there and I will leave it at that.

Judy, in my opinion, you rock! Keep up the good work here in your blog and participation on the MMG forums.


blondie said...

Thanks Wesley,
That was very sweet of you :)
And you always know where to find me ... PM anyone? LOL
Pretty sure I won't be banned from MMG so will always be around.
Thanks for your kind words and I hope you cycle a lot of matrices today!

allanz said...

Youve been nothing but helpful to others trying to navigate the hyip/surf/etc.. world !! (whether theyre in your downline or not! ) Thats evident from your posts in the forum and on your blog ! :)
Ignore the insane and just keep on doing what youre doing !
You must be doing something right, or you wouldnt have all the avid readers you have for all these years ! Take care :)

Elmer said...

Well I already knew most of the 15 points you posted and I'm sure others did to. There is no need at all IMO for you to make any post in answer to that rubbish.

Those who matter know the truth, and that's all that counts.

blondie said...

Thanks allanz for your words of comfort. You've always been good company around here :)

Elmer, didn't know I was 5'6" eh? LOL

Thanks to both of you for stopping by and the real reason I posted what I did was to keep in touch with my wonderful readers just in case I was no longer able to from here.

Have a great weekend!!

Ivan said...

Judy, you are the most honest blogger in this arena. I tell this as an ex-admin and as a friend. These are the facts and the points your posted are right on the spot.

Keep the good work, and stop paying attention to the nonsense of the mad ones. You have a lot of good friends around you.

blondie said...

Hey Ivan,
The feeling is mutual ;)
Thanks for being my friend all these years too!
Time flies, doesn't it?