Thursday, April 19, 2012

American Bandstand

JBP-JSS-Tripler: no news for today, but while watching my balance grow faster than normal (thanks to referrals and their ref's) decided to put the money in a few more Triplers instead of cashing out. I personally an not concerned about the next restart one bit, and it sure was nice of Frederick to let us know ahead of time exactly how it is going to 'go down'.
PS, just got 2 more JSS Positions placed, so am off to upgrade those to premiums right now.

T2MoneyKlub: a lot of questions resulted from the last Update that have not been answered or responded to yet. I do check the forum a couple of times per day, but Dave has not been around much. So if I hear something before we all do, will let you know.

Compound150: still compounding and haven't cashed out yet.

aDailyCash: tried again to 'withdraw' this morning, but I must be picking the wrong time to do it. Again I got this message:
Daily Limited, Please Try later. And PayOut In Process...
So like yesterday, instead of cashing out I bought a few more positions. Might as well eh? :)

theMint: am enjoying that set 2.5% daily for the Dragonfly's Spectacle tokens. I might just decide to buy another one today, after breakfast maybe. Oh and yesterday's rate for Advanced was 1.74% and today's was 1.69%

Was sad yesterday when I heard about Dick Clark passing away at age 82. He, along with many others were a big part of my growing up years. My older sister always made sure the TV was tuned into American Bandstand for every show. Never missed a beat those days. RIP Dick Clark.


Mike said...

Regarding to T2MK ...
Now I have time to do tasks but campaign list in my tasks page showing no data available in table. I was wondering do you have same problem I have? Do we need to finish 100 tasks for April in order to have 2 % daily earning?
Thank you for question.

blondie said...

Hi Mike,
The tasks are gone for everyone. There is a "roundabout" way to get them done but I'm not doing it unless I have to, LOL
Also your question about 'do we have to complete the tasks to get 2% for May'... that's one of the things being asked but not responded to yet.
Will update when I know more.

Anonymous said...

Thank you and Weldone for your efforts in updating your readers. God bless
James, Nigeria

blondie said...

Thank You James, I try :)

Have a wonderful weekend!