Monday, April 9, 2012

JSS Has a New Look

JBP-JSS-Tripler: has a new look in their JSS section. You do need to clear cookies before you can see the change. I like it!
Here's a little more info regarding the upcoming Restart:
I expect that the maximum percentage of positions -- this will apply to the largest, most profitable accounts -- will be 40%. (In the last Restart it was up to 75%) Accounts not yet in profit as well as small accounts may not be affected at all, or only minimally.
Also, the actual JSS-Tripler positions to be converted will be selected randomly, (In the last Restart the most recently bought positions were converted.)

5:00 PM my time, just cycled a Matrix and got two more placed. So I went ahead and bought the placements and premiums immediately. Now we just wait to cycle those.

I might be spacey today. Been outside doing some lawn work, plus it's Monday and I can never seem to 'get it together' on Mondays :(

T2MoneyKlub: my friend told me the "Tasks" are working again. I'm not even going to try them until I get my taxes filed.
Also we should be about a week away from our oldest positions maturing, then for every four that mature, we will get a matrix. How fast those will fill and actually pay is yet to be seen.

Compound150: not seeing a lot of action on my end, and I can think of a few reasons for that. But at least we're earning 1% daily without doing anything :)

GBC: Gord was going to change the way we receive our Easy 40 Plan earnings... but I heard he's having a little trouble with the coding. So in the meantime, everything stays the same which is cool with me.

aDailyCash: the surprise program of the year. Just purchased more positions with requested yet another cash out. Right on ;)

theMint: Sunday profit share was 1.84% and Monday's is 2.0%. Funds are building slowly but they are building. 

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Unknown said...

hi how r u? Two days back my 27 positions had cycled out in jss. I have recieved $1620 in 18 hours. So fast they are in giving payment. I love justbeenpaid. I am so excited. I am only 19 years old. First time in my life i have earned online. Blondie, i need your help. What can i do for this money.i am confuss. Whether reinvest in jss or put it in a bank. There is no one in my family to whom i can take advise. I have lost my parents when i was 2 years old, in a car accident. I am living in a orphan house. Just been paid has changed my life totally. Day by day i am getting stonger n stronger financially.thank you blondie. Take care. @amit.

blondie said...

Sorry to hear about your situation and I'm glad you have found a way to make some extra money.
However, I can't advise what you should do with your earnings from JBP since we all have different needs.
What I do is use money earned to make more money, but always keep some for myself along the way.
JBP has been great for me this past year and has helped with a lot of expenses during that time.
But the bottom line is, you need to decide what's best for you.
Do you ever visit Forums and see what others are saying or doing in these programs? Might be worth your while when you have some time.
Take care :)