Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Rubber Duckies

JBP-JSS-Tripler: site is down at the moment due to:
We are under heavy DDOS attack from Korea, and the NOC (Network Operations Center) has shut down traffic to eliminate the traffic. It will be opened again after the DDOS-attack stops. An update will be sent in the next few hours. There is no need to panic, this problem is currently being worked on and will be resolved as soon as possible. All members account data and money is safe. Please just be patient JBP is not going anywhere.

To keep updated during this attack please visit the conference room.,jbpdailyconferenceroom

"All your Data is Safe.. Please Be Patient Till it is Resolved.."
"No need to change your passwords in your emails, pay processors, etc. All accounts are perfectly safe."
"We are waiting on the hosting company to solve the issue."

Thanks to a JBP and MMG member for posting the above. Always nice to have news in the forums without having to do all the searching yourself. I'll update if I hear more.
PS: The 2nd part in quotes was from the conf chat room. I'm not going to worry about it. Will check again in the morning.

Compound150: launched on Saturday evening for spends. I bought myself a good number to start with and will compound for awhile now. This will be a much easier way to make a few bucks without the tasks, hehe. Sorry Dave but those tasks we need to do in T2 weigh on my mind along with getting my tax return done on time.

aDailyCash: still happy with ADC and am still getting new referrals. A friend and I talked about it today and she decided to give it a go. Thanks to all who have joined :)
PS, just realized more of my positions are starting to expire so I just bought another handful. YaY! we received their 2nd Official Newsletter update this morning which sounds very promising. And our daily % for the advanced token level was 2.20 today. Very nice start and it's not even completely launched yet.

OK, I had to go shopping for a Rubber Ducky today. Don't remember having that many Bath Toys when I was a little kid but ... Gramma managed to drop 50 bucks at K-Mart today for Olivia's Easter Bath Toys.

Speaking of Easter, here's a few shots from the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday.
Oh and if you look closely, 'O' doesn't like the Easter Bunny any better than she liked Santa, LOL


Profit Hub said...

Luv the "O" pics Blondie! She is so adorable and her hair is getting longer! LOL I guess the Easter Bunny and Santa have to give up. LOL Thanks for the JBP update too and for reminding me about those dang tasks in T2MK.

blondie said...

Hi Gwen,
Yeah her hair is growing good now. I was worried for awhile when she didn't have any, LOL
I just added another update on JBP while you were typing. I'm not concerned in the least :)
Have a great night!!
And no need to rush on those T2 tasks. We've got all month, hehe

Unknown said...

hi nice pictures, is that baby daughter. Everyday i love to read your blog. I am little bit tensed about justbeenpaid, being a software engineer, i knew that although fedrick mann have taken various precaution for ddos attack. But the recent attack was much heavier. I am afraid of this, its not that easy to come out with this attack.lets hope for the best. @ amit.

blondie said...

Hi Amit,
Nope. Those are pics of my son, daughter in law and my grand daughter, Olivia.

I am not worried about JBP at all. They are a smart team and know how to handle these sort of things.
The popularity of the program makes them a heavy target.

Have a great day!