Wednesday, April 25, 2012


JBP-JSS-Tripler: From the JustBeenPaid Conference room:
"If you are unable to access the main site today, please understand that the techteam are implementing improvements, there will be times when the site is inaccessible. All will be back to normal soon."
(Thanks to Patrick for posting that in the forum. Saved me the trouble :)

I'm gonna save my T2MK thoughts for last. Cause I need to think it through first.

GBC: received another payment from Gord for an Easy 40 Plan I bought recently. And he's changed the way he's doing things a little bit. Update is in the GBC blog today.

aDailyCash: my balance is growing but I can never seem to be there at the right time to do a cash out request. Looks like only 31-32 payments are all that is allowed per day. Doesn't give anyone much time to get in there and make their request. So hmmm

Blogger changed our back office and I can't say I care for it very much. Doesn't feel like 'home' anymore.

theMint: is doing well and I bought myself another Dragonfly 'Spectacle' today. Funny name for a position, but oh well. Also congrats again to member "soulMerlin" who won the first Lottery contest and also happens to be my referral, YaY! Next week will be another contest and another winner.

Off to buy a Lottery Ticket for tonight's drawing.
Will catch up when I get back.

Not having a good day. My engine is knocking. Thought it just needed a quart of oil but 5 minutes running, after filling it up, still knocking. The other car I have available is dead. Won't start. Started on Monday, but today it's dead :(
OK so I'm stranded here. Might as well pay some bills.
Went to pay a student loan and noticed that a big fat -0- has come off the principal balance for the past 3 months and every penny is paying the interest. What the f is that all about? I know I've said this before but I'll say it again ... no wonder these kids can NEVER get their Student Loans paid off. Our flippin agencies make it impossible!!

So maybe I'm not in the right frame of mind to discuss anything else right now. Plus I'm not exactly sure how the T2MoneyKlub Restart is going to go down. Better let the dust settle, then wait for more updates to see the finalization of it. Besides, I'm old school and like to see it on paper for it to make sense. From the sound of it though, we're just starting over. Hey, is that the same as a do-over? LOL


soulMerlin said...

Hi Blondie - So nice of you to mention me in your blog....I hope you're car problems get sorted with not too much money.

Love the John Lennon vid


soulMerlin (henry)

blondie said...

NP Henry,
I'm happy that someone that I know actually won :)
Not sure about the car yet. Had to jump the 2nd one yesterday so we'll see if it starts today.
Glad you enjoyed the song too.