Friday, April 6, 2012

It's a Good Friday :) plus Saturday

JBP-JSS-Tripler: well this is good news :)
I was asking the Mod's in the chat room yesterday about the total ROI when Triplers 'mature'. They thought it would still be 75 days BUT that was incorrect. See below and smile:
JSS-Tripler now has 439,905 members.
Thank you to our many --------promoters for doing such a great job!

The earnings interruptions as a result of the DDOS attack, as well as the 1.5% earnings will not reduce the overall earnings. $10 JSS-Tripler positions will still earn a total of $15 or 150% -- it will just take a few days longer.

The "Platinum upgrades" for JSS that have been mentioned will take longer to implement than previously expected. We first need to get JSS 
(the matrix program) to work more efficiently. The automatic purchasing of JSS "Placements" also remains suspended until we get JSS running more efficiently.

T2MoneyKlub: yes I'm reading everywhere that the "Tasks" in T2 are NOT working properly or not working at all. I haven't tried them yet this month as I'm more concerned about getting my Tax return out the door first. But will keep my ear to the ground about News of it being fixed.
PS, just tried to Submit a comment. Was plenty long enough. And like others who have tried, it did NOT work for me either. So I'm going to put it to bed till after the weekend and will let you know of any news.
UPDATE: The tasks page is currently under Maintenance. Be back soon.
Also: Dave's on Holiday so if payments are a bit slower than usual, that's why.

Compound150: compounded 3 more DP's today so am still in building mode there. Have not cashed out yet but that's OK and I'm not worried about it :)

Alert Pay: not sure what to think about this:
• Members who are based in New York/Massachusetts/California cannot Send Money to non-US AlertPay members at this time. All SendMoney transactions made to recipients based outside the United States will not be completed.
That appears on the side bar when you go to Send Money. None of that should affect me here in Colorado but ... sure makes you wonder if this is just the beginning or will those three States be the only ones affected? Hmmm

Also: SolidTrustPay: (comment from a reader) "Solid Trust Pay has a new policy as well. A US citizen can not transfer money between exchangers. I tried to transfer from Solid Trust Pay to Alert Pay using xchangers. Solid Trust Pay will not let the transaction go through."
So there you have it :(

GBC/GrandBankClub: completed another Easy 40 Plan at the same time I bought a new one. How's that for timing? Also Gord is making some changes on how we earn our total from the Easy 40 plan. Sounds good to me and you can read all about it in The GBC Blog.

aDailyCash: have somehow managed to cycle another matrix (yay) and had enough in my cash balance to purchase more spots plus receive a small payment, which I did yesterday. Still a good money maker... what else can I say?
UPDATE: did the same today. Bought 2 more and requested a cash out.

theMint: today's profit share was 1.72% and yesterdays was 1.75% for the Advanced tokens. That works for me plus knowing the official launch isn't until May 1st. So the good enough could get better. Cool :)
UPDATE: Todays profit share paid 1.69%


Newbeinings said...

Solid Trust Pay has a new policy as well. A US citizen can not transfer money between exchangers. I tried to transfer from Solid Trust Pay to Alert Pay using xchangers. Solid Trust Pay will not let the transaction go through.

Petrus said...

15 of my matrices in JSS filled yesterday and I was paid within hours. It took 45 days after buying placements and upgrading to premium.I have another 15 due within the next month.

Unknown said...

sorry for asking you one silly question, what is ROI? :( today i am in a hurry, i am going to a church today, will post a long comment later. Take care and keep smiling. Love u lot ..lot blondie @amit

blondie said...

You are correct.
Was it you that mentioned that to me the other day? I meant to post but spaced out, lol
Will add it right now.
Thanks :)

blondie said...

What can I say?
Woooo Hoooooooooo !!!

I normally get emails informing me that I have a new comment to review. Today it does not seem to be working.
ROI is Return On Investment.

Enjoy your weekend!