Saturday, April 7, 2012

(^_^) JSS-Tripler - Restart Coming Soon!

OK I'm in Shock!
Just received the following email and find it hard to believe that JSS is notifying us of a restart! How flippin cool is that? LOL
Well, it's been 90 days since the last one so I guess it was about time. Tell ya what, I am loving this program more and more as time goes by.
PS, to make myself clear to everyone reading this: I am not pleased that a restart is coming, but I AM pleased that they are letting us know ahead of time so that we can plan accordingly. Kapish?

Welcome to all our new members!

JSS-Tripler now has 442,986 members.
Thank you to our many promoters for
doing such a great job!

Within the next 2 weeks or so, a Restart
will be done:

The "position cut-off date" is 4/7/12.
This means that all JSS-Tripler positions
bought on or after 4/7/12 will NOT be
affected by the Restart. So any JSS-Tripler
positions you buy from now on will not
be affected by the coming Restart.

The best time to buy JSS-Tripler positions
is immediately after a Restart. Any
positions you buy during the coming weeks
will effectively be the same as buying
JSS-Tripler positions immediately after
a Restart. The chances are very good that
there won't be another Restart for about
90 days, meaning the positions you buy
now will mature, paying out 150%, before
the next Restart.

The "account cut-off date" will be set
around 3/24/12 -- JSS-Tripler accounts
opened on or after this date will not be
affected by the Restart.

During the coming days, more details
of the Restart will be revealed. The
overall impact on JSS-Tripler earnings
will be far less than in the case of
the previous Restart.

This is also a great time to promote
JSS-Tripler, because new accounts and
positions will not be affected by the

The JSS-Tripler Pay-It-Forward System
is working well. All members who create
their JSS-Tripler accounts for the first
time get "$10 free money" in their JSS-
Tripler accounts. They can immediately
buy a JSS-Tripler position and start
earning up to 2% per day!

Please tell your prospects that if they
create their new JSS-Tripler accounts,
they get "$10 free money" to get started.
(Note that after 45 days their JSS-Tripler
accounts will be debited with $10.)

Working for our wealth and success,

Frederick Mann


okrafreek said...

Blondie, you are the ultimate promoter, and ya gotta love that! But, if a restart is such a good thing, why not do it every month? Or, every week, even?

okrafreek said...

Boy, if I bought tripler positions yesterday, I'd sure feel like a sucker!

blondie said...

First of all okrafreek, I am NOT the ultimate promoter. I've been in the Tripler since last April and have had my share of disappointment with the Restarts.

But I am pleased as punch that this time, they're letting us know ahead of time that there is going to be one within the next two weeks.

And you know... I came 'that close' to purchasing a lot of new triplers yesterday, then looked at the calendar and went hmmm. Maybe tomorrow would be better OR wait til after the next restart. Whew!

PS, love your comments in MMG :)

okrafreek said...

Congratulations on deferring the tripler purchase yesterday! You obviously are not the sucker of whom I referred to earlier!

blondie said...

You know freek, I don't consider anyone a sucker here.
Even those who just bought into the Tripler, will have those mature and turn into Matrices.
So as long as learn how to get them to cycle, they should be OK.

Anonymous said...

Does dat means i will loose my money and my possition in jss tripler

lloyd said...

If you pay attention, use common sense and anticipate the restart you won't be hurt. Now is the time to invest as all positions bought after April 7, 2012 won't be affected.

Use your earnings to fill your matrices and buy new positions. Then sit back and watch your earnings grow. Then you can start making withdrawals. You have to work the system for it to work for you.

blondie said...

No Anonymous, some of your Tripler's might be included in the restart, but probably not all of them. Depends on a lot of different factors (from what I've read).

Hi Lloyd, good comment.
And I see a lot of people doing just that. Buying more now knowing (or hoping) that the next restart won't be for 90 days :)