Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th :)

Never had a problem with Friday the 13th myself. Always been a good day for me, plus it's Friday. How could anything go wrong on a Friday?

JBP-JSS-TriplerListened to Dominic on the Conf Chat today. He does a nice overview of the program at the start of the call. Just like Carl Pearson did every day for two years.
He showed a screen shot of someone's account from the last Restart and explained it all in detail, the before and after results. I'm sure it was helpful for those who have not experienced a restart yet.
- There are over 460,000 Tripler members.
- JSS back office improvements are being worked on.
- Under JSS-Tripler - Positions - they've added a line called "Total active positions:" so that you don't have to scroll down each time to view how many are still active (not expired).
- Members who joined on or after March 24th will not be included in the restart.
- Triplers bought April 7th and after will not be included in the restart.
- Max daily w/d limits are $1,000 AP, STP and LR. PM max w/d limit is $500.
- Support Tickets: do not send duplicate tickets please.
- Do not send in Support Tickets re: placements, premiums, cycling etc. They know there's a lag in placing them and are catching up.
- There is a delay in Tripler's being placed into JSS.
- If your account gets hacked, email:
- Don't forget 2% daily drops to 1.5% on Sat-Sun.
- Restart is approx. 7-9 days away (sometime next week).
- Tripler's will be chosen randomly to be included in the restart.
- No news on when Platinum's will be available.
- No news on when Level 2 will be open either.
- You do NOT need to be upgraded in order to receive the JSS matrices from Triplers after the restart. But you WILL need to be upgraded to Level 1 in order to receive the funds.
- Correction on the above strikethrough:
The handles spam related issues, hacked accounts need to submit a support ticket. This is the correct information, mods were misinformed and they are letting members know about it.
That information was just posted in a comment by none other than Teilon, Support Director at JBP. (Teilon, correct me if I'm wrong on your title). Nice to have someone from the JBP staff watching over me. Almost like I have my own Guardian Angel here, hehe
OK, I guess that's it.
I've been trying to cash out from JBP via AP for the last 3 days with no success. Every time I try it tells me that AP has reached it's limit for the day. So I'm going to keep trying every hour on the hour all day today. If I don't succeed, then I'll do it via STP. But I'm stubborn sometimes and would rather have it my way, LOL

T2MoneyKlub: I tried my hardest to do some tasks in T2 yesterday, but my heart just wasn't in it. Dave is sort of back from vacation now so am expecting an update from him soon. Also by tomorrow our "View Positions" for the DP's should be available again for viewing. Right now it's 'Under Maintenance'.

Not sure what else to talk about today.
You guys got anything on your mind that maybe I can help with?
I'm just chillin here, doing some surfing and listening to music. Oh and watching the squirrels in the tree chasing each other around and eating peanuts. Wait, I have some pics to download. Maybe I'll do that next and show you one or two if they came out good.
PS, guess Gramma got carried away on the number of pics but you know how Gramma's are, LOL

Easter with the Family, 2012 


Anonymous said...

Hi Blondie,

The handles spam related issues, hacked accounts need to submit a support ticket. This is the correct information, mods were misinformed and they are letting members know about it.

Try your AP withdrawal between 2am and 6am EST


blondie said...

Thanks Teilon for correcting that. I just copied from Dom's chat this morning. Will go fix my post right now.
Nice to see you here :)

Gord said...

Hi Blondie,

Hmmm... what can happen on a
Friday that falls between the
12th and the 14th?
In a word... everything!!!

Even my coffee wasn't right this

But.. knock on screen... tap tap
nothing serious so far today.

Good rundown on the latest with

blondie said...

Well I am not superstitious like that. Maybe it's the Witch in me that appreciates these days, LOL

Hey thanks about JBP.
Was just taking notes during the live conf chat this AM.

Enjoy your Friday (giggle)