Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Again Already?

JBP-JSS-Tripler: always nice to get emails telling me that my referrals or their referrals have Filled a Matrix. That way I know those who I sponsored are also doing well... plus the $5 or $2.50 that I receive doesn't hurt my feelings one bit :)
Congrats to you all !!
-- I love good Updates, don't you?

JSS-Tripler now has 492,756 members.
Thank you to our many promoters for doing such a great job! Yesterday purchases of JSS-Tripler positions hit an all-time high. Today's purchases could be another record!

This is a great time to buy JSS-Tripler positions, because buying now and during the coming weeks is like buying just after a Restart.
The chances are very good that there won't be another Restart (after the one coming in about 6 days) for about 90 days, meaning the positions you buy now will most likely mature, paying out 150%, before the following Restart.

This is a great time to promote JSS-Tripler, because new accounts and new positions will not be affected by the coming Restart.

GBC: was just informed of a new blog article which I'm going to read right now. That Gordon... always making changes for the better.
- Just read it, sort of. Gord goes into a lot of detail and I'm in a hurry today so I skimmed through it, but it's always there to read when I have more time. Also bought myself a new Easy 40 today along with one each of the PIF's that are offered. Also got paid for an expired Easy 40 Plan. Right on.

aDailyCash: still no luck in picking the right time to request a cash out. Maybe I'll need to stay awake until after 10 PM my time and give it a try then. Someone in the forum mentioned 'right after their server day change' was the best time, so if they're on EST... well, you do the math.

theMint: today's profit share for Advanced tokens was 1.69% and of course the Spectacle tokens were 2.5% (fixed). I did purchase another Spectacle yesterday so now I have 2 running in each group.
Wondering about the monthly membership fee and if it will be paid from our account balance. I bought in with Liberty Reserve so a "subscription" was never created. I'll let you know as soon as I figure it out.

T2MoneyKlub: just read the following in the T2 forum from Lola asking Dave some of the questions we've all had the past few days:
"Anyway, he did finally email me back about the following things. He had been away for the last 12 hours, and is back now. He will be catching up with everyone today. He said April tasks are still mandatory(He did not mention anything else about that),he is considering merging (only considering)the two programs, but subscription fees will remain as T2 is only on temporary measures and could be returned to 2% daily if all gets good again."
- Well ... I've done 1 task so far this month and am not pleased that we would have to 'jump through hoops' to complete them for April. They are not available in the task section currently and I really don't think we should have to "hunt them down" and go through several steps to get them done; with NO guarantee (at this point) that they will be counted towards our total.
- Haven't seen any payment proofs either via any of the pay processors. He said AP was on hold but.....
- So we wait for another Update which we will hopefully see today.

Just received a SPAM email that promotes something like "We have developed a software that automatically places your ad on millions of blogs."
Now that could explain the SPAM comments I receive with tons of URL's. Either that or they're just trying to promote their junk to my readers the "sneaky way". Idiots!!!


Anonymous said...

I've got my clothes pins ready to keep my eyelids up for an ADC cashout. lol..I think it's around 1am my time.

btw, nice video..very appropriate I'd say.


blondie said...

Clothes Pins, yeah. Guess I shouldn't complain about 10 PM huh?

Oh you like the Video?
I knew you'd get it.

Have a great day mm :)