Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Madness :)

JBP-JSS-Tripler: estimated 4 more days before our next restart and Tripler's continue to be bought in droves. Well I myself purchased another chunk two days ago and now have more Triplers active than I've ever had! Ever!

T2MoneyKlub: Dave finally showed up in the T2MK forum, so if you're a member, you can go catch up on his posts.
He DID say "I will go on to say that as far as mandatory tasks go, they are now finished. No penalties will be imposed in May." So that's a Yippee!
He also mentioned that 'we may need a full restart'.
Now after reading his remarks in the forum, you will know why he said that and may find it understandable.
I feel bad for those posting that they've compounded 100% since the start while anxiously awaiting the Matrix... while others (who are the big promoters) continued to cash out the max allowed daily.
Bottom line is we should have a new Update in the next 24 hours or so. Then at least we'll know exactly where we stand.

aDailyCash: looks like about 30 people managed to get a cash out today. I did not stay up long enough to even try. Reading a few forum posts, reports are that you have to be there right at the 00:01 Server time in order to request and 5 minutes after is too late. What? That's a pretty tight schedule and with as many members as they have ... could be a lot of angry players out there.
PS, if you're not already a member, now is not the time to start.
PS again ... since I am never around at the "cash out" time, decided to purchase 7 more spots today. Ahhh, what's a blondie to do :(

theMint on the other hand, is just gearing up for it's official May 1st launch. Was going to post a couple of notes here but decided to post their entire "5th Mint Newsletter" instead. Yes it's very long so if you're not interested, just ignore it. Otherwise, enjoy:

Let's go directly to business. Mint has had an especially exciting, profitable week. Many of our members have felt the Dragonfly's wings, and advanced-Token owners have received an impressive profit share this last week.

We have almost reached the 700 Member mark being just a few short! At the same time, the system deleted inactive members. Remember, inactive members are deleted on the 30th day of inactivity. This is done automatically from the system, and we are happy to confirm the system works like a charm.

Mint now has an active member ratio of 61%, quite an impressive and amazing percentage, considering we are just one month into our pre-launch!

Now May 01 is only a week away, and many members are already sending support tickets on what the prices or changes are once we officially launch the program. We have tested the system and the profit-sharing works, the banner rotator and surf features work and the MLM system is absolutely mind-blowing. But we! know this doesn't quite answer all your questions on what will happen.

So here's to everyone: on May 01, we will change prices, plan length and advertisement feature for new investments. EXISTING Membership and Token holders will have no changes on price structure or any negative effects on new ROI caps. You earn as advertised! Only new purchases of Memberships and tokens have higher prices or a lower end ROI.

One thing's for sure, the system is stable and everyone who helped us test in the pre-launch will profit higher than ANY NEW Member after May 01! In other words, Tokens cost more, some Tokens will be closed and the ending ROI will be lowered on new purchases. The program will offer greater and more advertisement spots, but pre-launch Members will always have our special treatment. The more you help us, the more you will earn!

Now, a special surprise for every Dragonfly owner!
If you are one of the lucky holders of the Dragonfly Membership, you! will also earn on Advanced Tokens even if you decide to exten! d only y our Dragonfly Membership. The Buddy Membership needs to have already been owned once, of course, to be able to purchase a Dragonfly Membership. However, you may just renew the Dragonfly the following month and drop the Buddy Membership altogether.

But (and this is a BIG but!) if you are not holding the Buddy Membership, you will lose out on further Matrix upgrades from your existing or new downline who extend or buy the Buddy membership. So, for Matrix Downline Builders, it is strongly recommended to keep both Memberships. For investors who are not interested in building a Matrix though, the Dragonfly Membership might be all you really need.

Once more, just to make sure everyone understands: a Buddy is needed to buy your first Dragonfly Membership. You may not purchase the Dragonfly directly without holding a Buddy Membership during the time of purchase.

Speaking of the Dragonfly, we have the Lottery results and our first Winner!
The winner is user: s! oulMerlin (#591), Token ID: #231713, Type: Spectacle, Processor: Alertpay

A round of applause to our good sir, you have just received a new Spectacle Token. Congratulations! Remember, next week we will have one Lottery Winner for the weekly contest and also one overall Winner.

Recap: You will never get a better offer for Tokens or Membership upgrades after the official start, which is just a week away. You will still receive amazing deals of course, but the prices or ending ROI will be different.

Recap 2: Your downline will get deleted after 30 days should there be that length of inactivity. Do not lose them; make sure you tell your downline about the opportunity they might miss and e-mail them about it. You can find the 'E-mail My Downline' on the left side of your Navigation under the 'My Account' structure.

Until next week, folks!
Mint up your life,


soulMerlin said...

Hi blondie...I am your direct referral "soulMerlin" and I'm over the Moon that I won the first lottery!!!! "Weeeeeeeeee!" I saw Mint on your site, I went there...and it's great. I've added my blog [] to their surfing rotator to thank them there...(and thank you!)



blondie said...

WoW yes, I saw that too and meant to Congratulate you ... but spaced out. You know how us older folks are, hehe

That is AWESOME and I'm very happy for you!!!

Hope to see the Mint reach the top of the internet chart also!

Take care now and Thanks for stopping by to post the good news! YaY !!!