Thursday, April 12, 2012

Running On Empty

Had a vicious night here. Heavy rain, thunder, lightening, windy as heck... was blowing the rain against the windows and banging on the side of the house. After you wake up from that, it's just hard to get back to sleep. Yawn! But at least I don't have to water the grass today :)

JSS Traffic Exchange: now has a "Visit Sites" button that says:
The Advertising Module of JSS will be implemented within a few days.

JSS-Tripler: now has a "Surf" button that says:
The Advertising Module of JSS will be implemented within a few days.

So there's new things coming, eventually. A surf and a traffic exchange site. It was mentioned long ago that we might have to "Surf" in order to earn in the Tripler. But I've not heard anything about that recently. Even if we don't have to surf, I'll probably join the Surf site anyway and give it a go. Plus it'll be good for promotion and getting new referrals. Don't ya think?

Speaking of referrals, I've noticed quite a few buying Tripler's like crazy ever since Frederick announced that those purchased now, will not be included in the upcoming restart. As for myself, I've purchased 50 in the last two days. Don't normally buy that many in chunks like that, but figured I'd 'go with the flow' and see how it turns out. There's two pluses to buying them now. 1 is they will NOT be included in the upcoming restart, and 2 is they have a good chance to 'mature' before another restart hits us. Bingo!

T2MoneyKlub: read that there was a problem with "Double Payments" going out to T2 members, so Dave put a hold on the payments until the end of this week. Now being the honest person that I am, I would have sent the money back if I were double paid, but I guess not everyone would do that.
So if you've been waiting on one, that's the reason why.
PS, don't even talk to me about the tasks. I need to give my noggin a rest for at least one day.

Compound150: still chugging along and getting our 1% daily. Well, that's what we signed up for right? LOL

GBC: perfect as always.

aDailyCash: withdrawal requests were disabled for a bit, but they're back open now for AP and PM only. I bought 2 more positions today, bought 2 yesterday, and requested an AP cash out today also. I sure hope they've got that dang hacker thing under control now. Hmmm
PS, just got paid from my morning request! YaY!!

theMint: today's profit share was 1.74% and yesterdays was 1.79% for the Advanced tokens.
Now they're got something else up their sleeve called "Dragonfly" that will be announced soon.
As mentioned in their 3rd newsletter:
- membership fees will be increased on May 1st (official launch date).
- Dragonfly will be announced 2 weeks later.
- you will need a 'Buddy' account to become part of 'Dragonfly'.
- token prices will be increased also, but if you already have tokens, you should earn more from it.
OK, that's about it without going into a lot of detail. Will update more as I hear more.

Tell you what. After working on my Tax returns yesterday, getting them both filed and paid for ... feeling like I'm running on empty today. Although it is a big relief to get that 'out of my hair' and know that it's a done deal for this year. Whew!
PS, if I hear or think of anything that I forgot to write, I'll be back updating today, K. Have a great day!!


Randy V said...

Loved the song and especially the movie. It is a classic.

Hope you are doing well.

Have a great day.


blondie said...

Wow Randy,
I was just thinking about you today and wondering where you've been.
Nice to see you as always :)
Don't be a stranger.
Cheers for the upcoming weekend.

Randy V said...

Dealing with some health issues. Been tough lately but things are looking better.

I always try to check in and see how you are doing.

blondie said...

Glad to hear that 'things are looking better' Randy :)
Keep in touch, you know my email addresses.
Will keep you in my prayers.
Night Night