Monday, April 16, 2012

Dragonfly for the Dragon Lady (me) :)

I apologize for not posting about Dragonfly that launched yesterday as part of the Mint program. I wasn't really around much and am short of time today as well. But I did just now buy myself a Membership in DF ($25) along with buying my first Token for $24.99. So let's see how it goes from here.
Oh and if you have money in your account balance, you can transfer that to your Wallet then use that for your new membership fee and/or to make new token purchases.

Dragonfly! NEW
New Membership called Dragonfly (available NOW!)
Membership Fee: $25
Recurring Purchase: $14.99
Initial FSB Amount: $2.5 per Member
Initial FSB Amount: $1.0 per Referrer
Re-Cycle Earnings: $75
Total Matrix Earnings $90
So first, there is a new Matrix making everyone up to $90 for every 6 members joining!

Token: Spectacle
Price Per Unit: $24.99
Credits Per Unit: 7500
Expiry Type: On ROI 200%
Daily ROI: 2.5% Fixed
Earning Frequency: Daily
Hold Earnings until Expiry: NO
Allow Principal Withdrawal: NO
Principle Return on Expiry: NO
Per Purchase Minimum: 1 UNIT = $24.99
Per Purchase Maximum: 400 UNITs = $9996
Daily Maximum:  200 UNITs
Minimum Active Requirement: 1 Advanced Token
Membership Requirements: Dragonfly
The maximum purchase is 200 Units a day and 400 Units in total, per user!

But the token can do much more with the power of the Dragonfly! You not only earn 2.5% FIXED, but you also double your money in a relatively short period of time.
Every single Unit you purchase gives you the power to be in a weekly lottery. 
Every 7 days the system picks one purchased Spectacle Token, the owner of this token receive one additional free Spectacle Token! 
Every 14 days, owners of the Dragonfly Membership enter the Lottery and the winner receives a free Spectacle Token. He also receives one free Advanced Token! The Lottery doesn’t stop here; every 30 days, two lucky Members will receive 25,000 Advertisement credits!

Of course, the key to the Lottery is having a Dragonfly membership. You can’t have a Token if the Dragonfly isn’t with you. The Lottery itself is based on the deposits of Spectacle purchases every 7 days. Additionally, this happens every 14 days for Memberships of the Dragonfly!

Oh yes! The Dragonfly Spectacle is enormous, it’s massive, and it’s amazing!


OK what else is goin on?

T2MoneyKlub: started making payments again last night but we're still waiting for Dave's official update to come out. I had a good batch of DP's expire today which should be creating new matrices. No word on that yet. Just waiting like everyone else.

aDailyCash: is having a little trouble with the site (still), and new spends are disabled. Hope they get that all fixed up soon. It really has been a good program so would hate to see the hackers get their way this time.

That's the only news I have for today.
Will hopefully have more to say (and more time to write) tomorrow. Cheers :)

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