Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Everybody's Back Up

Putting a PS at the top instead of the bottom. 
Gord wrote an excellent rant today in his blog and you should go see it. I understand exactly what he's saying and a few folks came to mind while I was there. Sad but true.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: back up and running. Update:
(^_^) JBP & JSS-Tripler - DDoS Attack Aftermath!

Welcome to all our new members!

During the past 24 hours our servers were subjected to a devastating DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack.

Fortunately, today we were able to implement "DDOS protection" to nullify the current attack and also to protect against future attacks.

So we're back in business! You should now be able to access the JBP, JSS-Tripler and JSS sites for business as usual, although for some of you, propogation maybe still need to happen - this can take another 24 hours possibly.

Meanwhile, the 2% earnings will NOT be paid tomorrow. We'll resume the daily 2% earnings 24 hours later, just as to be expected.

Also, because of the servers being down we're unable to pay tonight's withdrawals. We'll also resume paying withdrawals as soon as we can, most probably tomorrow also.

As described in the previous update, this downtime is no reason for panic. Last August we had a "business time-out" for over a month while we did a Restart and moved to offshore servers. After
that we came back in full force!

Working for our wealth and success,
Frederick Mann

GBC: was notified that GBC is back up and running also. Am surfing right now. Thank you Gordon.

Compound150: I see Dave has been toying with the idea to do something similar as JBP with regards to offering a Free (or two free) DP's to new members. Of course just like JBP, this would be a loan and would be deducted out of your account balance after a certain period of time.
Well, I think it's a great idea and should help to bring in new members who want to dip a toe in the water before jumping in.
I'll keep you updated.

aDailyCash: the 3% daily continues and today, I can't decide whether to cash out or buy more. I normally switch back-n-forth but last time, I did both on the same day. So I need to give it more thought. In any case, it's running great! I'm so silly sometimes. Requested a cash out yesterday via AP but never entered my AP email in the "preferences" section. Duh! Admin Chris was nice enough to send an email to let me know what the hold up was.
So don't get stuck like I did. Check under Main Menu, Preferences, and add your pay processor info before asking for a payment.
PS, just got Paid. Thanks Chris.
Now I gotta get back to working on my tax return :(


Anonymous said...

The conference calls are frightening on all fronts so as a longtime member I wont be listening to any more of those. Frankly the old man sounds like he has no clue what is going on, the awkward pauses and rants make it seem like this is going nowhere yet its the best program around.

blondie said...

You mean the ones with Frederick Mann? Yes they are a bit strange. People shouldn't attend those just to ask him dumb questions that their sponsor should be able to answer.
He does pause before answering, but that's never bothered me.
Gotta agree with your last words though:
"its the best program around"!
Take care and please sign your name next time so I know who I'm speaking to.
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hello dear Blondie. Do you have also problems with doing tasks at T2? My comments dont get placed and I cannot validate them. I sent a ticket but wondered if you have the same problem. Greetz Deb

blondie said...

Hey Deb :)
Thought I read about others having problems with those dang T2 tasks.
As for me, I haven't tried to do any yet this month. I really need to get my Taxes done and mailed before I can even think about 'comments', LOL
Have a great day!

Unknown said...

have u heard the new news from jss tripler, they have reduced 0.5 % earning on weekends, that means we will earn only 1.5% on saturday and sunday.. :( ;( they are giving excuse, for delaying the restart period they are doing so. Whats your opinion on this. @amit

blondie said...

Well, first of all Amit, I don't think it's an excuse at all.
Money in - money out.
If money does not come in as much on weekends as it does on M-F ... sounds like they made the right decision.
And by paying less on weekends, sure it very well might delay the next restart.
All is fine by me :)