Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 17th

Yep, today's the deadline for U.S. workers to get those tax returns filed. Well mine is done and gone and paid for. Now I can breathe easy for another year :)

JBP-JSS-Tripler: I did it again this morning... got up at 5 AM to see if I could 'beat the clock' for an AP cash out, and it worked! YaY! As far as I'm concerned, JBP is still the daddy of all programs out there. Just can't be beat.
PS, the site is on and off today as far as being able to login. They're doing some maintenance and certain parts need to be shut down while that is in progress. Just try back later if you can't get there now.
- They just removed the Captcha Code so you should be able to get in with no problem. Makes life a little easier, eh?

T2MoneyKlub: Update...
"Hi T2MK and C150 members
Here is a very important update that you must read regading some very important changes in T2MK!
The update is visible to ALL visitors of the forum so clicking the link WILL allow you to read the update.
Here is the link.
Thank You.

I'm not going to speculate what happens next because I see a lot of questions and suggestions in the forum. So Dave very well could change the way he wants to continue with T2. Perhaps another Update is right around the corner? Guess we'll see.

aDailyCash: I was able to log in there today, but then received the "Under Maintenance" sign rather than viewing my member area. Hope to see them back in action soon :)

theMint: received 2.5% all around today. My Advanced tokens plus the Spectacle tokens all raked in the same nice percentage. Looking forward to a long relationship with these folks.


Unknown said...

hi i am faceing some login problem with jbp today. Do u exprencing the same? The words that we have to type before login was not matching, after trying for somany times.

blondie said...

Not working for me now either.
I'm sure it's only temporary whilst they fix one thing or another on the site.
We can just try again later.

PS, sign your name next time so I know who I'm chatting with.