Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt - Pics Later

Hate tying to blog when I'm sleepy, and I'm sleepy. Had a fun morning at an Easter Egg Hunt with Olivia, the kids and a couple of friends. Then off to a great Mexican Restaurant and ate way too much, too early. Now I need a nap, LOL

Compound150: is open for registrations now. Also you can fund your "Main" account ahead of time so that you're not in a big hurry tonight. If you plan to 'play', you can purchase DP's at 8 PM EST. So a couple more hours from now we can get rolling. More details about the program are listed in previous days posts. Just scroll down to find them (because I'm too tired to repeat myself).
Found a how to note in the forum so maybe this will help you get started:
How To Fund Your Compound150 Account
1 – Login to
2 – Click on "My Accounts" on the left menu then on "Main Account".
3 – Where it says "Amount" put your purchase $ amount (ex. 100)
4 - "Method", You can choose from (Withdrawal, Deposit & Internal Transfer)
In this case 'Deposit'
5 – "From Which Account" your payment processor of choice, (ex. Alertpay)
6 – "To Which Account" choose 'Main Account'.
7 - Click on 'Deposit / Withdraw'
DP Sale Begin Today
We will be able to purchase DPs today, Saturday, at 8 PM EST.

How To Purchase Dream Positions
1 – Login to
2 – Fund your Main Account (Explained Above).
3 – Click on "My Accounts" and then "Dream Positions Account".
4 – Where it says "Buy More Positions Unit" put the number of DPs (ex. 10)
5 – "Fund From" put Main Account.
6 – Click on "Submit"
As of right now, 8:08 EST, there's NO submit button. I just hit the enter key after entering my number of DP's and it worked out fine. 

JBP-JSS-Tripler: noticed today I received two days of 2% earnings in my Tripler account. Well could be because yesterday was skipped over. It's nice to see them getting caught up and all. Other than that, it's running perfect.

T2MoneyKlub: closing to new members tonight. I'm not going to expound on the program because I think everyone who wanted to be in it, is in it. And I'm not pushing anyone to join now. That's not how I roll.

GBC: as I figured, got my weekend profit share today. Thanks Gordon.

aDailyCash: had enough in my account to purchase 2 more units, which I happily did. Glad to see everything is back to normal now. seems to be picking up steam and I got 1.87% in profit today. No complaints from the peanut gallery here, LOL

ShowBizHits: I've got 10 minutes to spare so am gonna go surf 25 sites for a bonus of 200 banner credits today.

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