Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Noooo, Not Courtney !!!

I had trouble getting to sleep last night, after watching that cute Ben pick that dumb Courtney to propose marriage to. Really thought he'd see the light before the season was over, but I guess not. What's the old saying, "Love is Blind"?
Yep, am talking about the latest episodes of "The Bachelor" shown here in the US. I'm just glad the show is over.
I really need some sleep, lol

JBP-JSS-Tripler: still my number one program where it's easy to earn money once you figure out the website. I got into a routine close to a year ago and it's been working for me ever since. Am still anxious for the platinum placements in the matrix (just to see how it works), and upgrading to Level 2 before my referrals (missed out on some last time), and their new sites coming to help us earn even more in different ways. Yep, I can handle a new surf site. Especially since I know who will be running it.

T2MoneyKlub: our tasks started today and we've got till the end of the month to complete 70 tasks listed in our dashboard. I did 4 so far and will get back to it later. I don't normally visit websites like that and/or comment on them so this is a bit out of the ordinary for me. But those tasks must be done else you risk forfeiting a percentage of your daily earning for next month.
Now I understand the Admin will have different tasks for us to do, over time, but this first batch of posting "comments" is to create more interest in the sites that were purchased for flipping. OK, I'll roll with it and see how it works out.

PS, one of the T2 members made this youtube video to show you how to do the comment tasks on the sites in your list. Have a peek:

aDailyCash: running out to time to post but I did request another $21 something from adaily today. Next time I will purchase two more to keep it rolling.

TradersForge: going good and today's cash out will be Day 8 of 13 for me. Although with the daylight savings time, I guess it's an hour later before I can request again. But I changed time too so shouldn't it be the same? LOL
Dear Traders,
A new week starts and so our Weekend Promo ends. We had rewarded all members who deposited throughout the weekend with 10% bonus. Also, we had rewarded 4 more LuckyTrade contest winners. With this the LuckyTrade contest ends and a new contest will start in the coming days.
The lucky members who qualified for award are:
  • 'ebusiness'
  • 'makingmoney'
  • 'icequeen'
Just to remind everyone that the USA has switched to daylight savings time and with that our server also changed time. Please always check with the server time when you are expected to receive the daily 10% return.

Please read our blog for more information about how to fund your LibertyReserve account. Tomorrow we will publish more information about it. 

Happy and Successful week,
Adriaan of TradersForge.com


Anonymous said...

My wife and I had to watch tv in separate rooms last night. Hockey game was on. She hates Courtney too. No wonder she had nothing to say about the show like she usually does.
I'll have to grill her about it when she gets home. Waddaya gonna do? Men will be men. Even Ben.


blondie said...

Well mm, I even stayed up to watch 'after the final rose'.
Which is after Ben had a chance to see all of the filming of the show.
He looked a little confused about Courtney himself after seeing how she acted in most of the episodes.

Funny thing too, seems when it's the Bachelorette, they make a smarter choice than the guys do. I mean, look at Ryan and Trista here in Vail CO. Still happily married with 2 kids now.

Anonymous said...

May I have questions to ask you about Dave's T2 Money Klub?

1. What is the difference between guest member and full member in T2 forum. I am listed as a guest member but I am an active member and have purchased some DP. Am I a full member?

2. I am confused with assignments (tasks). After surfing the website assignments, where is the place I can enter my comments in order to get my credits?

3. In T2 website FAQ, mentioned $ 15 for member monthly fee. But inside member area dashboard, they have fee schedule for different number of DP purchase. Are they charging member monthly fee $ 15 besides DP purchase fee?

4. What does it mean by “need to be an upgraded member for cash in for DPs?” need to Pay $ 15 for every monthly fee?? or DP's fee or both?

Sorry lots of questions, T2 website is so confusing. I think Dave is rushing things up. Thank you for help.

blondie said...

Who am I talking to here?

1. To get full access to the T2MK forum, you need to send them a support ticket with your T2 username and email address I believe. Yes if you're paid in, you should be a full member.

2. http://www.moneynetworkforum.com/index.php?/topic/30-t2-hq-t2moneyklubcom-ask-t2-questions-here-talk-about-t2/page__view__findpost__p__22147

3. There is only one monthly fee now based on how many DP's you own, and it's taken out of your Main account on the 1st of each month.

blondie said...

2. Sorry that link takes you to the last page. Go to the previous one to see some notes about the tasks.

Will B said...

Hi Blondie, as I expect to be away for the last ten days of the month, I'm doing my tasks as quickly as possible, and have managed 15 so far. Not particularly enjoying making ridiculous comments on subjects about which I know little or nothing, such as the ins and outs of wedding dresses and bikinis LOL. But "a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do", or a woman's gotta do for that matter. I don't find it difficult, but understand why some do, and are objecting. I hope all is well with you,


blondie said...

Hey Will :)
Can't say that I'm real excited about those comment tasks either. Some days I don't even feel like writing a blog post, not to mention commenting on body building, LOL
Well, guess we just need to hope our other tasks will be more enjoyable to us. Although some are enjoying it I've heard. But not everyone.
Hope you get all 70 done in time before you have to vacation.
Cheers :)

danish said...

Hi Judy,
I don't have enough $'s in T2 to make it worth my while to waste time commenting on 100 sites I know nothing about. I'll not be putting any more $'s into this one, and I'm $10 short of getting my initial spend out. Soon as I do that, I'm done with this one.
Not my cup of tea.

blondie said...

Hi Dave,
I was concerned that some may feel the same as you do. And by reading the forum threads, they do :(
The folks with higher dollars in don't have much choice if they want to get paid. But as you're stating, those with smaller amounts may not think it's worth it.
Can't say I blame you.
Hope you have a good week.

Anonymous said...

I'll not be putting any more money into T2. As soon as I have my original deposit out, I will get out of T2. That is very ridiculous to require surfing 100 websites and make comments on them every month. I believe that people will leave T2 gradually.


blondie said...

Well I dunno Larry.
It does seem to be a hard pill to swallow for some.
I'm going to play it out, see what happens and go from there.

tony said...

I feel the same way as danish.To leave comments on blogs just for the sake of it.If I had quite a few dollars in this program it would be worthwhile,as well as the subscription fee, its just not that profitable,for the time and money invested, for me any way, i will just hang in there until my units expire, sorry to say, thanks for letting me waffle, aussietony

blondie said...

Hi Tony,
I understand what you're saying.
I made a suggestion yesterday that our number of tasks per month should be relative to our number of DP's. So that someone with 1 DP doesn't have as many tasks as someone with 1,000. The T2 forum Mod shot the idea down and said that Admin will make NO changes. I'll suggest it again just for grins.
Have a good day!

nighteyes said...

Hi Judy,
I think this task is not easy at all. I looked at some of the websites and tried to make a comment but I was drawing blank. Although I like reading, I found it hard to make a comment about things I have no interest /no experience about.
and this is not fair for members who dont't have adequate english skill.

blondie said...

I'm having the same problem and I speak English, lol
I read the article and that's that. Drawing a blank, same as you.
I also thought it would be easy but when it comes time to post, that's a different story.
Am hoping the more I do, the easier it will get.
Good Luck!