Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday ... and a New Mint Program

aDailyCash: not to worry, site is on hold for a few:
Today were facing few bugs on the site "positions earnings not place, Cashout errors and funding errors". This is due to system overloading. We will fix this as soon as possible. We will be having a system maintenance Today. 

To avoid any problem while we fix the site,

1. Please donot addfund
2. Please donot make withdrawal request.

"Date: 3/23/2012 Start Time: 9:00 AM EST End Time: 3:00 PM EST Estimated Down Time: 60 - 120 Minutes"

By this time you wont get access on the site. We apologize for the inconvenience we cause.
4:00 PM MST: site is back up but they haven't done all the daily earnings yet. So I'll just check in again tomorrow and hope to see two days worth.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: have a nice chunk of "JSS Pending" today in my Tripler positions area. That would be the Trip's bought after restart waiting to feed into the JSS Matrix and create new ones. Yippee!
Also tuned into the Conf Call last night to hear Carl Pearson, but he was "busy with Administrative duties". There was a rumor floating around yesterday about Carl's information not showing on the site any longer, which is why I wanted to listen to him. He really is the best speaker that JBP has, so I hope that rumor was merely that, a rumor and nothing more.
** News about Carl and why he's not doing the calls. See my comments here at the bottom if you're interested. And Thanks to Ross for sharing that info.

Hey, I was disappointed in "American Idol" last night and hearing those people butcher some of the Billy Joel tunes. Giving their own Country sound to them or Soul. Sorry but I love the songs just the way they are.

T2MoneyKlub: just requested a cash out in T2. I've been in since the very beginning, have plenty of DP's running already and am not one to compound forever. I'm here to make money, aren't you? LOL

GBC: just got paid out for one of my "Easy 40's" expiring. And as mentioned yesterday, am buying a new one today to replace it. Thanks Gord!

Had to go back and re-read the note from TradersForge which I posted here late yesterday. I don't think I quite understand the role a Monitor plays in all this. Didn't he say... "and the pressure from the few monitors who refuse to follow the 50/50 rule".
WTF is that all about? Why would Monitors get any special treatment anyway? Nobody pays me to 'watch the site' and I had to play by the same 50/50 rule as everyone else!
OK, will drop it now. Just needed to blow off a little steam.

Looking at and thinking about a New Program that I saw a couple of days ago. Will go get more information on it and see if it looks worth our while :)
- OK back.
Just joined and checking it out to see how much in total I should be adding to my wallet, in order to do what I want to do.

First thing I did was fund my Mint-Wallet with $25 bucks. You don't need that much but I wanted to pay the Membership for $10 (in order to be included in their matrix) and also buy the highest valued token for surfing.
- Buddy membership is $10 with a $7.99 renewal. (trying to find out how often it needs to be renewed)
- Tokens cost $4.99, $9.99 or $14.99
- Each plan pays a different daily % as shown HERE
- Pay Processors are AP, STP, LR and PM
- After purchasing a Token(s), go to Mint-Rate Surf (left side) and manually surf 5 sites and rate them. (only took a few minutes)
- Earnings from the "daily profit tokens" are credited every evening, 11:55 PM EST to be exact and runs for 5 minutes.
- As for RC: Tokens pay 10% for direct referrals and 5% for 2nd level.
- RC on the membership fee is $1 for 1st level, .50 cents for 2nd level. (Thanks Karlo for sending me that info)
OK so I guess I'm done for today. Will check tomorrow to see how much my profit share was from today's surf. And will make note to log in and do my surfing every day. Oh and also add a site for others to surf and rate. Cool :)

Billy Joel ... just the way he is :)


Anonymous said...

[3/21/2012 10:17 PM] Due to the unprecedented growth of JBP, Carl Pearson will no longer be doing the weekly conferences. He is prioritising now full time in the back office operations of JBP. Conferences will continue on Fridays and Saturdays at the same time and Fredericks call will remain at the same time every week also. JBP experienced a record sign up rate yesterday of 10, 000 members!!! We will keep the room updated when we have a speaker to fill the remaining time slots. Exciting times! Thanks for your patience (*)

blondie said...

Good info.
Who is this and where did you get that from?

Anonymous said...

From the conference room yesterday at around 8pm Dominick got on the mic and announced it. He also said that staff members could have their pictures and information removed from the site if they wanted to and Carl as well as other staff members decided it would be best to have that information removed. He said that they are growing so fast that they could be targeted by crooks and hackers. He was on the mic for only a few minutes, he will be doing the calls on Fri and Sat mornings. My name is Ross from NJ.

blondie said...

Thanks Ross,
That's excellent information.
I was on the call last night but after asking over and over why Carl wasn't there, and not getting a very good reply... I finally gave up and clicked off, LOL
Dominick does a good call and I will be listening in on those days.
Thanks Again !!!

Anonymous said...

I wish jbp could come out with thier own debit card so we could bypass processors completely. Too many members in my opinion but its still the king.

blondie said...

I think that was asked on a call once, and the answer was NO.
They will not have their own debit card. Oh well.
And Yes, it is still the King, LOL

Anonymous said...

JBP got more heat on it then a log fire on a snowy night. Last thing they want is to introduce their own debit cards.

Heat is also the REAL reason why Carl Pearson has moved off the conference calls.


blondie said...

Well Elmer,
You know I appreciate your input, but unless you've talked to Carl personally, not sure what you're thinking could be correct.
Send me a personal email if you want to chat. You know I'm open to listening to your views.
Thanks :)