Monday, March 12, 2012

Lazy Day

Almost Noon here and I'm just getting started. With the daylight savings time messin with me, then stuff on TV that I wanted to catch up on ... am just moving kind of slow today.

T2MoneyKlub: a couple of things. One is our "Task" button should be up and running later today. Then as I understand it, we'll have the entire month to complete our assigned tasks. Hope they're easy like Dave said they would be.
Also, there is a contest running for the 100,000 DP bought and here is the post from Lolalola in case you win and need to PM her:

to the 100,000th DP winner. :yahoo: 

This contest is not open to moderators/staff of the T2 program.
Should a moderator/staff get the 100,000 DP,
it will go to the next highest number available to a non staff member

You MUST claim by replying to the 100,000 DP contest thread located in da klub section of the MNF forum, with your T2 Username and the DP ID number.
Also, PM me.

Sorry.. Not open to guest members. But you can become a full member by registering with the main program.:party: 

OK just bought four more ending in DP# 93,843.
Good Luck Everyone!


Petrus said...

Doing these tasks is great fun. You are shown exactly how many have been done as well as the remaining balance for the month. Initially I thought it's going to be tedious but I've had exactly the opposite experience.

blondie said...

Glad to hear that Petrus!
I barely got into it today so haven't had enough time to enjoy it yet. But I am happy to hear that you are.