Friday, March 2, 2012

Frozen Dead Guy Days to Honor Corpse

NEDERLAND, Colorado -- 

Nederland's Frozen Dead Guy Days celebration is getting under way honoring a frozen corpse. 
The three-day festival that begins Friday features a parade of hearses, frozen salmon tossing and coffin races.
Bredo Morstoel's corpse has been packed in dry ice in a shed at the mountain town since 1993. He died in 1989 at the age 89 and his Norwegian family preserved his body in hopes technology will be developed to bring him back to life.

True story and they do the celebration yearly. We Coloradan's are pretty strange I guess. Could blame it on our thin air - lack of oxygen, I suppose.
Or sounds like something the boys would have done in the movie "Animal House"... Frozen Dead Guy - Let's Party !!!  

JBP-JSS-Tripler: awww shoot, missed Carl's call this morning. Just knew I was forgetting something.
Well I don't see anything different on the site so guess nothing new has happened. I did receive a nice payout from them yesterday to my STP and my Tripler 2% just keeps showing up in my daily earnings. What more could you ask for.

T2MoneyKlub: been having problems with their banners since the move to the new T2MK site. If I save the banner to my hard drive, then place it on my blog, it doesn't flash or change like it's supposed to. And the note saying: LINKS ADDED TOMORROW has been there all week. Well that's OK, Dave will get to it when he has time.
* Got the 125x125 to work, but still having trouble with the 468.
Hope you all survived the Monthly Membership Fee. Mine was $30 but it's all good. Small price to pay for 2% daily on 80 positions which is what I currently have.
Soon we'll be starting our Daily Tasks in order to continue earning our 2%. I say daily but I believe it will be set up so that you can do it weekly, bi-weekly or how ever else the 'rules' are defined.
So if you're an "Active" member, be sure to OPEN the email updates we receive so that you don't miss out on anything important.

GBC: bought myself a new Easy 40 Plan today which I know will pay me back nicely, with profit, over the course of a few weeks. Thanks Gord.

aDailyCash: paid again from ADC last night so now am saving up to purchase more. Remember I'm doing my own 50/50 on this one and it's working great.

ShowBizHits: and from the girls today:
Happy Friday all!
Today's Promo Code is worth 50 credits! If you don't have time to surf 25 sites, get in here and assign some credits. We have been seeing a spike in surfing and I'm sure you want to get your sites seen. Remember also that you get 50 cents per active referral, so get your ShowBiz link out there. The more the merrier!
They have a good point. Even if you don't have time to surf, assign some of your credits to your sites, banners or text ad's since there may be new eyes viewing them.

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