Friday, March 9, 2012

What to Say, What to Say?

Maybe once I get started here, it'll just flow.
Was out of the house and busy until now. The cats have 72 new cans of food, 4 new bags of dry food, and two 35 pound tubs of kitty litter for when all that food needs to come out, LOL

JBP-JSS-Tripler: listened in on Frederick's live conference call last night and found myself just shaking my head at some of the questions they were asking him. Good grief people, learn something about the business before you get on a live call and ask newbie questions. Don't you have an upline you could ask? Or maybe go the their regular conference room which is open all the time. Seriously, don't bother the creator and owner of this program because you don't like AP's fees or you have a Master's degree and can't figure out the web site. There are a lot of people out there to help you with those things, and you shouldn't be bothering Frederick during his call. Questions are good but not silly ones. And not for the owner of the program.
OK, glad I got that off my chest.

T2MoneyKlub: rockin and rollin and received another payment today. Tomorrow I should have enough in my account to compound for a few more DP's. Oh and be sure to click on that "Click Here" right after you log into your account so that you don't miss any updates. Very important.

GBC: bought another round of PIF's today to help others as well as myself. Spent a nice $51 to get the job done. Next I see a new Easy 40 Plan in my future.

aDailyCash: purchased 2 more spots today with profit. Wonder how long this can run like this? Not complaining, just surprised... oh and happy.

TradersForge: Here's today's Update: (and I'll let you click on their blog link if you wish to read the entire note)
Dear Traders,
We had published a list of the current winners in the LuckyTrade contest. You can read more about it on our blog.
We will be also making Promos every Weekend. This is our first edition since opening, and we are giving 10% bonus for each new deposit made on Saturday and Sunday (10th and 11th of March)
Read more about the Weekend Promo and LuckyTrade contest:
Have a nice Weekend,
Adriaan of
Did you see "blondie" in there? I was one of the Winners of the Lucky Trade promo.
AND here's Fridays Update:
Dear Traders,
We had published first part of 'How to...' strategies that you can find useful if you are new to this industry and do not have much experience.
You can find the link below and you can recommend reading it to others.
We have also rewarded our first LuckyTrade contest winner 'nipladj'. Congratulations. You can learn more about the contest on our blog and social sites.
How to Start with TradersForge (part 1):
Adriaan of

OK, back to me.
I'm real happy with the program so far and the stats are looking good too:
Total Members: 228
Total Invested: $5707.61
Total Withdrew: $1285.43
Since: 6th of Mar 2012
Lifetime: 3 Days

Was thinking of buying more but guess I'll wait till tomorrow to get the bonus bucks. Might as well eh? Sure do love those instant payments too :)

It's beautiful here today. The sun is shining, it's warm outside, and I have windows open. Yep, it's that nice. Supposed to be a great weekend too. I'm ready.


Anonymous said...


blondie said...

I hear ya.
Did you hear the call last night?
Amazing to say the least, LOL

Randy V said...

Thanks Judy. You know I love the music.

I just bought Abbey Road last week. I had it years ago...the album of course...but I missed it and all the great songs on that album.

Have a great weekend.


blondie said...

Abbey Road, what a great album!
I think I have that on vinyl, cassette and cd. Figures eh?
Nice to hear without the scratches isn't it? LOL

Have a great weekend yourself Randy!