Wednesday, March 21, 2012

$300 For What ???

I spent 2 hours in the grocery store today, and it cost me around $300.00. What did I buy that cost that much? I have no clue!
I'll have to double check my receipt a bit later. Could have been the meat I suppose. Prices for meat are outrageous these days! Not to mention everything else going up .50 cents per item every time you visit! (big sigh)

JBP-JSS-Tripler: was down for a few hours early this morning (my time) due to another server upgrade. All seems back to normal now. AND tomorrow morning my Tripler's bought on Jan. 8th will expire and get moved over to the JSS side of the business. Once there, looking forward to more matrices cycling and receiving that cool 60 bucks for each one :)

T2MoneyKlub: finished all 70 of my tasks yesterday and even did 1 extra for good luck, LOL. Now I need to spend the rest of my month working on my income tax return. Not looking forward to that :(

My Son just called me to let me know they're doing "Billy Joel" songs on "American Idol" tonight. He knows I love Billy Joel so that was sweet of him to give me a heads up.

GBC: Since my money just keeps growing in GBC, I think it's time to buy another Easy $40 Plan. Will go do that now.

aDailyCash: still kicking out that 3% daily. Wonder how long this can last? I never thought it would make it this far, lol. I guess you either got it, or you don't.

Sorry I'm being so brief, but that grocery shopping wore me out.

TradersForge: payments are way late. Watching comments in the forum and wondering what's going on. I've taken them off my side bar until we hear something.
** Later in the day ... here's the answer to my wondering:
(ps, yeah it sucks) 
Dear Traders,
We are moving very slowly and there are no signs of getting back on track with TradersForge. I do not see future and how we can continue form here. There are many Hit-and-Run investors and cheaters nowadays who take advantage of the RCB monitor offers. After the 50/50 rule was introduced we noticed only few deposits from new investors but the rest was just recycling of money among old members. With those circumstances and the pressure from the few monitors who refuse to follow the 50/50 rule, we have to close down TradersForge. We are sorry for those who lost in the program. I hope you can compensate your loses in other programs.
Adriaan of

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