Friday, March 23, 2012


I'll start with the Mint, since it's my new one.
I just added a link to yesterdays post about the Mint, showing the daily % paid in the three different plans they offer, and here it is.
As mentioned, I did go with the $14.99 plan and last evening earned 1.69% on that spend.
Now I know that's not the 2.5% max, but this IS a new program and has only been running a couple of days. Hoping it catches on with others.
Also another blogger is going to be doing an Interview with the Admin soon, (no, not MNO) and I'll send you over to read that once it's done :)

JBP-JSS-Tripler: noticed quite a few folks cycled their matrices yesterday. Congrats to you all! I haven't cycled one for a while but plan to soon, LOL. I did go ahead and buy placements and premiums for my newly created matrices. So now when the platinums are released, I'll jump in with a few of those too and see how fast they get me cycled.

T2MoneyKlub: read that Dave has been under the weather so if your payment is a little later than the norm, no big deal and he'll get to it soon.
Are your Tasks for the month finished? You got 8 more days.
Chop Chop!

aDailyCash: was having trouble viewing the site earlier, then I saw the note about another maintenance :( Also noticed that we did NOT receive any daily earning for the 22nd. Well, if the site wasn't working properly, maybe they just had to skip a day. It's all good and this program is still surprising me.
PS, just purchased 2 more positions and requested a cash out.

What else?
My Roofer guy is supposed to be coming this afternoon to replace those missing shingles. Do you realize it's been a month since that happened? TG we haven't had any rain or snow to speak of, else I'd be holding them responsible for any additional damage to my house. Geez!


Profit Hub said...

Hi Blondie! I joined under you. I hope it runs for a long while and earns us some cash. How is the tax prep going? Oh yeah, congrats on Peyton Manning coming to Denver. I am sorry to see Tim Tebow go. I think he's a great guy that has gotten a raw deal. I don't think the Jets will appreciate him any better. How's that beautiful granddaughter? LOL She's such a cutie!

blondie said...

Hi Gwen,
Thanks for joining the Mint!
Tax prep has gone no where. Remind me I'm running out of time, lol
Thanks re Peyton Manning. Yes too bad about Tebow, very sad. Denver fans loved Tebow and you're probably right that the Jets won't appreciate him as much.
Olivia is doing great! She's such a little sweetie. We're going Easter Egg hunting a week from today at a local rec center. Should be fun and I will take my camera :)
Thanks again and have a great weekend!!!