Wednesday, March 28, 2012

aDailyCash (how to Log In) AND New Program Opening Tonight

aDailyCash: weird stuff going on there today.
When I tried to login, I got this: "There is no blondie in our database." Really? Considering I've been a member since January 10th, surely there is a problem. So I clicked the "forgot my password" link and it sent me a NEW Username and Password to my gmail address.
OK, now I'm logged in AND they are asking for us to set up a "Transaction PIN".
OK, set up a PIN number to use for security.
Now I notice, looking at the rolling payout list, everyone has the same username "mycycler". However, we all have a different member "number", so the same username is probably not a concern. Plus I'm sure they sent a different password to everyone, based on their email address.
Once you're Logged In, you can go to "Security Settings" and change your password if you prefer. You WILL NEED your new PIN number to do that.
Anyway, here's their update on the site:
Dear Valued Members.[28th March 2012]
First wa want to apologize on problems that occur on our site this week.
We would like to let you know about some update that we've done on the system. This maybe inconvenient for some member, But we need to secure the system to protect both members and our site.
Please Follow this simple steps to protect your account.
1. Set up Transaction Pin. (This will be used everytime you change anything on your account ex. Password and withdrwal Request)
2. Make sure your payment processor Email/Account are correct.
3. This is not Mandatory but we Recommend everyone to use Gmail Account and turn on 2-step verification.

For some problem that is still unsolve yet. We will do our best to clear it all, again we apologize for any inconvenient and thank you for your patient. Everything will be back to normal after were done optimizing the database

T2MoneyKlub: Dave from T2 is going to be opening a new program soon. There will be:
NO monthly fees,
NO withdrawal fees,
NO tasks,
will pay 1% Daily for 150 days,
Free Matrix positions and
3 Referral Levels.
He gave the T2 members a sneak peak at the site last night, but it is not officially open until tonight (as far as I know).
Anyway, I am looking to join this one and see how it goes. I've been happy with T2 with the exception of the dreaded tasks. Well, what can I say. Just wasn't my favorite thing to do online.
I'll be back later with a link if this new one opens while I'm still awake.
UPDATE: Looks like just after 6 my time (8 PM EST) is when we'll be able to register and hand out our links. But NO Money will change hands yet. Not until Saturday evening will it be open for spends. Coolio :)
PS, this is like a brand new program with regards to registering. You will NOT automatically be placed under your T2 sponsor. If you wish to have a different sponsor this time, find out if they're going to 'play' then wait for them to send you their link. My referrer link will be posted here as soon as I can get my grubby little hands on it, LOL


Hi T2MK members.

Here is the advantage I have promised you.

The new 1% Daily Site is launching RIGHT NOW!!

The site can be found here

The site is both similar to T2MK, and yet different. DPs are $10 each, same as T2MK but they pay 1% daily for 150 days, and every 3 expiring DPs will produce a free $25 matrix. these matrices will cycle a whole lot faster than T2MK matrices, and we will be adding some funky edges to the matrix system. I promise it is going to be awesome fun.

The referral commissions plan is totally different, instead of the 10% and 5%, it will be 3 levels which will promise all active sponsor, a lot of referrals in their downline. Just 10 level 1 referrals can lead to hundreds of refs on your account.

There are also No monthly fees, No membership cap, No withdrawal fees and NO TASKS.

We are also going to add an additional stream of income for members. Lots of different tasks that you can do voluntarily if you wish, and earn credits. each credit will be a share of profits, the more you do, the more shares you have and the bigger your slice of the monthly profits payout.

So there are 4 ways to earn in (C150).

We have added a new category to this forum specifically for this new program.

This program could possibly go much bigger than T2MK. there are a lot of big sponsors involved, and the whole makeup of the program appeals to a very broad audience.

We will also be giving members the chance to admin some of our websites for a cut of the spoils. This will be announced soon.

Please check out the site at the link above and in particular pay attention to the 'refer' page in the menu.

Please make sure you start sponsoring as soon as you can, and get those level 1 refs in.

DP sales are scheduled to go on sale at about 8PM on Saturday evening EST. First DPs purchased = first DP to expire = first matrices to be produced in the system.

Have fun everyone :)


- I'm going to buzz out for a while. The guys who power raked and aerated my lawn yesterday did such a great job, I'm anxious to throw down some fertilizer, which I don't have yet. So off to Ace Hardware, see you when I get back (wave). 

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