Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cleaning Toilets Makes Me Grumpy

And that's what I had to do today. 
So bear with me if I'm out of sorts.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: anything new? Everything seems the same to me. Anxious to try out the Platinums for the matrices. Also been hinting at a friend of mine (who is NOT in JBP yet) about the Surf Site that they're searching for now. I'll bet you dollars to donuts that when they open that, we can have a lot of fun with it. Assuming it's not as complicated as the JBP website, LOL

T2MoneyKlub: if you missed yesterdays post, I received quite a few comments about our new "Tasks".
I made a suggestion in the MMG forum but was directed to go to the T2 forum for my answer (sigh). What's the point of having a thread in MMG if you can't communicate there? Anyway ... 
I've looked at the comment tasks and tried to post a few. Guess my heart just isn't in it yet. Maybe when I don't have so many other things on my mind, I can find the time to relax and get the job done.
And if we don't get the job done before month end, we will not earn our entire 2% daily for the next month. Good reason to work at it, I suppose.
Here's the update if you missed it.
Oh and Dave's next update will cover instructions for those who don't want to stay involved and get a refund. Also about closing membership at the end of the month and going private. hmmm

Dear Traders,
From today we are implementing a 50/50 rule. This is necessary for TradersForge to survive. We have reached a point where we will have to require from you to deposit 50% of your withdrwawal in order to receive it. 
Your withdraw will go into 'pending' and once we receive your 50% deposit you will receive your request paid to your payment account.
Please understand that this is necessary for TradersForge to survive. Once the situation improves, we will be able to remove the 50/50 rule and get back to the normal paying schedule.
The minimum requirement to deposit is $10 USD. If you are earning less than that per day then the best for you will be to wait for your investment to mature, deposit $10 and then request a withdrawal.
There is no other solution to improve our current standing except that. 
Adriaan of
Red Flag? No, I don't think so.
Sounds like they're just getting a jump start on the next few days when our first spends will be complete. By putting some fresh money back in now, will ensure this HYIP will last longer than it would without it.


Norbee said...

I read the post from T2MK I tried to do a few yesterday didn't work for me so I guess I will only received 1% I only have not much in it,, but I wish all that do it the BEST!

I made a withdrawal today I received my payment THANKS DAV

blondie said...

See if this link makes more sense to you:

Once you're in the site to comment on ...
just pick one of the articles ...
at the bottom of each article, you will see the comments box.
Enter your name the same way as your username in T2,
submit your comment (at least 20 words) and enter it.

Then close that site and go back to your Tasks list.
Click on Validate, and it should give you the credit for that one.

Hope this helps.