Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday and ... A New Program Launch

JBP-JSS-Tripler: was able to catch a few minutes of Carl's call this morning, and here's what I got out of it...
Current Events:
- Tripler member count milestone, over 250,000.
- latest restart positions are done and placed.
- platinum placements should be ready sometime this week.
- once they open up their 'advertising' feature, you will receive ad credits for all the triplers you purchased since the start.
Other than that, pretty much the same stuff I wrote about before. Am still wondering when the next Restart will happen. They say it will not be as severe as the first two, by moving a maximum of 40% Trip's to JSS (as opposed to 75% last time) ... but that has yet to be seen. I do love the program, don't get me wrong. Am just curious to see what the next Restart will be like and trying to get myself prepared for it in the meantime. Perhaps a new strategy will be needed.

T2MoneyKlub: easter egg hunt while we wait:
While we are waiting for this task tool to be completed, I am announcing 2 great new cash giveaways for out members.
The first is to mark the run up to Easter, where we are having our very own T2MK Easter Egg Hunt.... Find the hidden eggs and win $250 CASH!!
More details here.. http://www.moneynetw...t-win-250-cash/

FIND THE 5 HOTELS AND WIN $100 CASH NOW!!!!The second is a hotel search contest where you need to crack clues and use our travel search site to lead you to the secret hotels within the listings...
More details here.. http://www.moneynetw...hotel-giveaway/
Happy Hunting Folks

Back to me: the above came to my email. Don't forget to open your emails from T2 so you don't miss out on anything that the program is doing.

GrandBankClub: received my weekly profit share on Saturday. Also completed one of my Easy 40's and got my final payment of $25.00. Thanks Gord.

aDailyCash: my account balance grew to over $20 again, so purchased 2 more spots yesterday. Next time, will cash out.

Was just informed that there is a new HYIP on the block. Was sent to me by one of my blogger contacts (friend). Although I'm not into HYIP's as much as some, they can be useful in building up my LR account from time to time.
TradersForge: opened today.
- pays 10% daily for 13 days (principal included)
- accepts Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money
- earnings are credited daily
- all payments are made Instantly
- DDoS protection by KoDDoS
- 2 Tier referral program (L1 5%, L2 3%)
- Minimum deposit $10
- Minimum withdraw .01 cent
- FAQ's are short and to the point
Well, there's no BS on the site about phony investments so am playing this as a game which is what it is. And the stats on the site seem to be real. I noticed my spend added right after I made it.
With that said, am off to grab a banner for my side bar. I'll be back if anything else comes to mind ;)

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