Thursday, March 1, 2012

RIP Davy Jones

I watch the News every morning before I log on to do my work here. Was really sad this morning to hear that one of my teenage heart throbs passed away at the age of 66. RIP Davy Jones and thanks for all the fun songs and memories during my growing-up years. Condolences to his family, friends and fans all over the world.

OK, guess I need to get to work now.
JBP-JSS-Tripler: Still the best thing since sliced bread.
Checking my account, I have 21 more days before my Triplers start expiring again. New JSS positions (from the restart) have been slowly adding to my account as well.
Yesterday I cycled two more Matrices giving me a cool $120. I used some of that to purchase more placements and premiums where needed.
I don't see the "platinum" out yet or I might have sprung for that just to see if it will really will work as fast as they say. Will keep you informed.
PS, their emails are still delayed so I don't know who to Thank, but one of my referrals bought 51 positions today. YaY!!!

T2MoneyKlub: first I want to say, am really glad they changed the name to avoid confusion with the other similar program.
Today is March 1st and you should have been charged your monthly membership fee from your Main account balance. If you had no funds in Main to pay it ... not to worry as it will come out as soon as you fund your Main. And remember you can only withdraw via Main so it makes perfect sense from the programs point of view. And I agree.
So today, I am paid up for the month of March, received my 2% just like I always do, and payments continue to go out daily.
Oh and there's a big referral contest starting today if any of you are interested. No, it doesn't excite me as it will probably be the same people winning it that are the top sponsors already. Speaking of which, one of their Top Sponsors just spammed me and I know for a fact that I am NOT on their list. Hmmm

Awwww shoot. Snow. I had plans to be outside around noon since the snow wasn't supposed to come until way later this afternoon. Dang it, now I need new plans.

aDailyCash: yesterday my first 8 positions expired paying me out 150% over the course of 50 days. During those 50 days, I have been doing a buy 2, cash out 2, buy 2 pattern and will continue on the same path for ... as long as we both shall live.

ShowBizHits: they have a good promo today:
Today's Promo Code is for 250 banner credits! Check the member area for the new code. Go get em!
I'm going to go surf those 25 right now.

EasyHits4u: every so often, I do a little surfing there to build up credits. The problem is... it's such a popular site with so many members that your credits get eaten up way too fast. I did surf there for a while yesterday and was shocked today to receive the following as I've never won anything from them before:
Dear blondie,
You just won 500 credits in our daily Surf Drawing. Congratulations!
The Drawing prizes are 10 x 500 credits, 10 x 5000 banner impressions, 10 x 5000 text ad impressions and 10 x $1 cash bonus every day.
More surfing => More tickets => More chances to win!

Feeling kind of sad today. Here's the original:


debbie said...

On my wall as a pre-teen, were Tiger Beat posters of Davy Jones, along with David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman and Donny Osmond....those were the days....

blondie said...

I hear ya.....
I think I had mostly Beatles, Beach Boys, Donovan, Hermans Hermits and the like.
Not to mention the local Detroit bands, which were hard to ignore.
Yep, those were the days.

Randy V said...

Really sad too Judy. You know me and the oldies. The Monkees were such a hit and I loved watching their TV show and I loved their music. I was so sorry to hear about Davy. Those are great memories for me.


blondie said...

Here too Randy.
My brain has been in the "old days" all day today.
Weird how these things make you feel.
Take care now!

Anonymous said...

Add me to the fan list! I heard of Davy's death on last night's news. So sad, and also very depressing for me personally. It makes me think of my own mortality since we have all grown old together.

Guess we should make the very best of what time we have left.

Thanks for the video Judy. Brought back a lot of good memories. Unfortunately it made me want to cry too.
RIP my favorite Monkee.


Elmer said...

Back in the 60's I had Winnie the pooh and Thomas the tank on my walls...))

I'd love to know who the T2 top sponsor was that spammed you Judy. IMO they should be named and shamed on MMG. With any luck Dave would freeze their account.


blondie said...

Tree, I felt a tear too when I heard the news yesterday.
They played a big part in my growing up also, so it's hard to see those parts of your younger years disappear.
I know we don't live forever but 66 is way too young. And very sad.
Take care now :)

blondie said...

Sorry for the late reply.
I just now saw that I had a comment that was never published.

I won't reveal who the T2 member / spammer was. That would be wrong plus it could get ME removed from the program.

Again, my apologies.