Thursday, March 15, 2012

What No Emails???

JBP-JSS-Tripler: was weird this morning not to see any emails from JBP. Seems their email notifications are currently down and have been for about 12 hours. Looking forward to them catching up later on.
Also checking my oldest Tripler's bought after the last restart, I've got 7 more days before they complete and move over to the JSS section. Can't wait to see how things start moving again after that.
But that next restart is always in the back of my mind. You just never know around here, lol
Update: 2:11 PM MST: emails are coming again. YaY!

T2MoneyKlub: Admin sent out an email last night about Opting Out of the program if you're not happy with it and would prefer to get your money back. It's a long update and you can find it here. Also included in that update is information about capping the membership come April 1st and the tasks.
As for me, I'll try to tackle those 'task' comments little by little. For someone who has had a blog for over 4 years, you'd think making a comment would come easy to me. But for some reason, I'm finding it a bit stressful. Weird eh?

Sadly noticed this date on my blog yesterday:
Oct 10, 1954 - March 15, 2011
Unfortunately those dates belong to my friend Bill Stewart who passed away one year ago. Sure doesn't seem like it's been a year already :(
Anyway, I've decided to make another contribution to the Collie Rescue organization that he was very involved in. Am sure they'll put the donation to good use for all the pups in need. Miss ya Bill.

TradersForge: will be depositing again today and making a withdraw request. Remember now, we have a 50/50 rule in place which will benefit you over time. Every time you make a new deposit, it runs for 13 days and creates more daily income for you. I can work with that.

ShowBizHits: if you have time to click through 25 sites, today's bonus is 150 banner credits :)

This one's for you Bill. I know you really enjoyed it when I sent it to you many moons ago. (also thanks to my friend Paul in Hawaii for hooking me up to this song way back when)
PS, just posted in your old facebook page and sent the song there too. Just in case you're not watching my blog any more, LOL 

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