Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lots of Updates, New C150 & a Mint Interview

I went out and bought lawn fertilizer yesterday with every intention to get that done today. Yesterday was a beautiful calm warm day. Today is windy as heck and messin with my plans. Guess I'll just have to stay in, work, do laundry and hope that the wind settles down later. Argh!

Compound150: opened for registrations last night and I'd like to personally Thank those who have joined under my link :) This coming Saturday evening is when the doors will open for purchases. Below I have copied some good information from one of my blogger friends Greg, who copied it from somewhere else. Hey it's all good and I'm sure he won't mind that I stole it, hehe
Program Features:
- 1% Daily earnings for 150 days
- free $25 matrix for 3 DPs
- no monthly subs
- no withdrawal fees
- no membership cap
- no tasks - totally passive income stream
- refer others to take your earnings to whatever level you wish

 is ideal for both passive and active members. But especially active, because of the 3 levels of referrals unlimited X 3. It only takes one referral to totally explode your commissions.

Compound150 is part of the T2MoneyKlub network. It is backed up with other programs, other income streams and a fantastic support forum. 

Message from the program founder, David Bell....

"C150 could well become much bigger than T2MK judging by the big sponsors all hovering ready to jump on it. It is perfect for sponsoring as passive alike, and if you like compounding, this is the program for you. Even though we won't be paying 15% like T2, it will total 10% across the 3 levels, but has a much bigger impact on the amount of overall referrals you will have. It is designed to be as viral as you can get, and is not the normal sort of comp plan you would associate with a program that pays commissions in real time. I can assure you guys that the
comp plan is going to be great. It may look unusual but it is designed to encourage growth of your accounts."

Looks like the system is tracking cookies and we could be losing referrals over it. I'll get in touch with Dave now and see what's going on.
Be sure to clear cookies and cache before joining AND be sure your sponsor is the person you want in the registration page.
UPDATE: the referrer link was changed but I don't know when. Mine was missing an underscore... it was: ref=blondie and should be: ref_=blondie. Please check your OWN links to be sure you have the correct one.

JBP-JSS-Tripler: expired Tripler's are taking days to be placed as JSS's. Support said it's due to more server upgrades. OK, I did notice the site is slow again. Also, don't see any Platinum's available yet nor the Level 2 Upgrade. Will check them again later.

T2MoneyKlub: everything is working and payouts continue as usual. Don't forget to finish your 70 tasks (or however many you need to do) and be ready for the April 1st membership fee.
Oh and if you're one of the people who opted-out and waiting on a refund ... Dave is working on those now so don't think he forgot about you.

aDailyCash: today they've set our old username's back into play. But my password was changed again by the system. So all I had to do was request the 'lost password' and was able to sign in just fine. Also requested a payment since I'm over the $20 mark again. Next time, will compound. Karlo Marek who runs a blog called "Investnote" did an Interview with Chris Adams, Admin of I just read through it and it sounds like Chris has some nice plans for the business. Here is the Link to the interview if you'd like to get more information from behind the scenes.
Thanks again Karlo for letting me know that this was completed and posted. Nice Job :)

1:00 PM my time ... still flippin windy out there. I'm dying to get out into the sunshine and do some chores, but this dang wind just won't let up.
Sure isn't helping with that Fire burning in my County either. It's not that close but close enough. And the worst part is, it was a "controlled burn" done by the State that apparently wasn't put out properly. Now that is really sad.

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