Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Check Your PC Today!

Thousands Affected By Computer Virus Could Lose Internet

Here is the detailed information on how to check your own PC for the DNSChanger Malware

That information was sent to me a couple of weeks ago from a reader (thanks Wendell). It wasn't until I saw it on the News last night that I remembered to check my own PC and post the information so that you guys don't get caught with your pants down.
My laptop seems to be fine and not infected. Good Luck!

JBP-JSS-Tripler: nothing new or exciting today. Am getting a little anxious for my Triplers to start expiring again, (16 days), which I hope they do before the next restart, LOL. One never knows around here.

T2MoneyKlub: just purchased 4 more DP's and received a payment yesterday also. I'm doing this one the same as aDaily with regards to my own 50/50 rule, after I reached my break even point that is.
Don't forget about the two contests running, posted here yesterday.

GBC: just surfed my 40 sites for today at GBC. Remember that is a free advertising service that Gord provides for us members.

aDailyCash: working just as nice as it was at the start. Have you all finished a 50 day period yet? I have and have bought more so currently running 10 positions and earning 3.00 per day on that.

TradersForge: off to a good start:
Total Members: 98
Total Invested: $2427.71
Total Withdrew: $34.03
Since: 6th of Mar 2012
Lifetime: 0 Days
DDoS Protection: Enabled
Instant Payments: Enabled

Last night when I joined with $100 of LR, the total invested showed $150. So am very happy to see this one is getting out there and people seem to like the 10 x 13 plan: not too much, not too little. Just like "Goldilocks and the Three Bears"... it's juuust right.

What a nice day here today. Temp should be close to 70F this afternoon and a little cloudy. But later, those clouds will come in closer, bring us some Snow and the high tomorrow is set for 35F. Go figure.

One more thing... ShowBizHits: surf 25 and receive 400 banner credits today. Be sure to "check here for promo code" after you log in, then "enter surf code" from the link on the left side. I've already surfed and got mine for the day :)


naphtali said...

Thanks for the tip on the virus check, Judy. I checked mine and I'm good. Take care my friend.

blondie said...

Good to hear Greg.
Thought it was good info to share with others. Better safe than sorry.
Later (wave)

Admin Louis said...

Hi Blondie
I've checked all my computers at work and at Home and we're all good.
I signed up for T2moneyKlub, looks good and bought 3 positions. Will buy a little at a time as funds are available ya know.
Catch you later
Louis from Texas

blondie said...

Hi Louis,
Glad you checked your PC's so now we can rest easy.
Thanks for joining T2. Yeah, it looks like it could be a winner for sure.
Just know that once you have more than 3 DP's, there will be a monthly membership fee. But it's reasonable for what we get in return.
Have a good night :)

Randy V said...

Thanks for the computer info Judy....and thanks for the Yardbirds song. I always liked them.

Have a good week.


blondie said...

Hi Randy,
You're welcome and hope your PC was not infected also.
For some reason, that song was in my head so felt the need to post, LOL
Have a good week yourself!