Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Humpday!

If you missed yesterday's post, scroll down and read it now and be sure to check your own PC for that nasty DNS Changer Malware. If your PC was infected, you WILL lose your internet connection tomorrow. So don't put it off, do it now!

Hey we got to 73F here yesterday (that's 22.77C) but today is drizzle snowing and we'll hit our high of 35F later on (1.66C).

JBP-JSS-Tripler: was a little shocked yesterday to see a couple of referrals referrals purchase well over 100 Triplers each! So I have to wonder what their strategy is OR are they new and not aware of our Restarts yet?
I've been holding back a little, but maybe I shouldn't be. If I only knew how the next restart would go down, it would be much easier to decide how to play my cards. Your comments are welcome on the subject. Always good to hear how others are making the most out of the program.

T2MoneyKlub: while our Tasks are still being sorted out, I have my routine down pat. Once I reach $40 in my account, I either purchase 4 DP's or cash out, doing one then the other. Makes me feel like I'm helping the program as well as myself.
Oh and both the contests have been won already, which I'm sure will be announced after Dave gets his internet connection back 100%. Yeah, I read that he's been having a little trouble with that so wish him luck.

GBC: same ole same ole perfect running program.

aDailyCash: received a nice RC yesterday so today I went ahead and purchased 2 more positions with that and cashed out a little too. Am still happily surprised that this is doing so well. Cheers!

TradersForge: did you see their stats?
Total Members: 164
Total Invested: $4078.61
Total Withdrew: $262
Since: 6th of Mar 2012
Lifetime: 1 Days

Really cool to see this new HYIP doing good. I haven't cashed out yet but plan to today. Keep forgetting they're Instant payouts too. Silly me, lol
* Just received their first newsletter update:
Dear Traders,
We had a great start and more are joining us by the minute. Please read our first welcoming letter from the link below
You can find also information about our Opening, Contest, Tracking your Investments, Discussion boards and more. See you inside.
Official Blog of TradersForge:
Adriaan of

- Back to grouchy old me. I hate talking websites. If they have a video to click and watch, that's one thing. But to see some Goober start blabbing at me as soon as the site loads is annoying. I mean ... how can I think about what's on the site if I have to listen to them?
Sorry, guess am just crabby today cause it's so ugly outside. No sunshine, clouds, dark, dreary, cold, snowy, foggy, you name it. Not typical of Colorado weather.

Found the perfect song for me and those who know me will testify. Yep, am one of those people who leave stuff sitting around forever! Well, everything holds a memory so some things are just hard to part with. Plus the fact that I'm lazy doesn't help either :(

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