Wednesday, December 12, 2012


ProfitClicking: someone asked me for the direct link to the PC thread in the MMG forum. Well here it is but beware that there are a lot of members that are not happy now and only come into the forum to bitch and moan. Sometimes it even gets to the point of them insulting each other, which by the way is against forum rules.
I usually ignore those posts and just keep an eye on the folks who are also looking for an 'open bucket' and announce when they find one.
I had no luck with that yesterday but I think they might have shut it down while they were doing the DSP (daily sales profit) calculations.
- did receive my DSP for 12/6 through 12/10
- still pending is my Oct 1st EgoPay w/d request
- open bucket notifications can also be heard in the 24/7 conference room and their FaceBook page
Also, ignore my excitement in Sunday's update about the Post-Shift-Funds. Guess I was hoping it would actually work better, but it hasn't. Not for me anyway.
So we keep plugging along and hope for the best. Although they really DO need to reconsider this bucket way of requesting withdrawals. It just doesn't work for most.

Phinanci: is coming back. Just not sure when.

RicanAdFunds: received a nice payment from Richard yesterday. Remember that he is traveling and sent this note out:
Hi, as I am travelling today I have processed all payments before I leave, they have all been paid - the next payments will be made when I get home and have slept :D - so please be patient if it is not within 24 hours as I will be travelling for more than 20 hours - thank you for your patience and for all you do to let people know about our programs :) It was really wonderful to be able to meet so many of you we even had members from Malaysia and Indonesia that came to the meetings - We will be back very soon but with Russell Chapman next time :)
Sounds like the note was directed to the members in the Philippines. It's all good and it's nice to know their plans.

I received a few emails asking about Grand Bank Club. My strategy is what I wrote in last Thursday's post and you can find that here.
Also I just read an overview of it in Gwen's Profit Hub Blog. Gwen has been a member a long time also and is an excellent blog writer. I always enjoy reading what she's up to and love her rant's as well, LOL

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