Saturday, December 8, 2012

On Our Way Home

So happy to see this pic posted in facebook today!
Olivia sure looks better and excited to be going home!
And what a cool ride she has too. I want one, lol

Please remember to be careful of hackers.
I received a message from Payza (cough) 100 times today to my spam box with the subject line:


Now the email address they sent to is NOT the email address for my Payza account. So please don't fall for it, never click on any links in those emails and always log into your Pay Processor accounts from scratch and NOT from one of those stupid hacker emails!

You know what? I need to go move my banners around since I like to have my top programs at the top of my banner list. Don't worry, I'll still report daily or so on my stuff but... I need to get my priorities straight.

ProfitClicking: I don't know about you but I'm getting tired of chasing buckets. Yeah, you know what I mean.
I was able to get a request in for $50 yesterday around 3 PM my time, so will have to wait until after that time today to start watching again.
- Oct 1st withdrawal request to Ego still pending.
- No new panels. No new ad pack earnings.
- Still wondering exactly what constitutes Post Shift Earnings?
OK, maybe later I'll have some luck or learn something new.
* Just to add: received my STP payment that was requested yesterday. So the bucket is working. It's just hard to find the open times is all.
No, I'm not giving up on PC. I'll stick it out till the end. Call me crazy but I'm one of those who don't give up easily or at the first sign of trouble.

RicanAdFunds: RAF on the other hand has never skipped a beat. I'm so happy that I was informed of this program, by Richard himself, when it first opened.
Now, I see a good list of referrals who joined me to check it out, but a lot of them never took the plunge to actually try it. Those who did are happy campers now.
Tomorrow I'll have 75 paid days under my belt which is 150% ROI from my very first spend on Sept 25th, and I still have 50 days to earn on that one.
Of course I've been re-purchasing along with cashing out so it's all gravy now unless I decide to add a big chunk of money.
In any case, if you're still sitting on the fence, might want to think twice about it. Seeing Richard's promotional travels and reading all the news about their "Services", I got a feeling this is one that we'll be talking about long after today.


Roland said...

Your sticking with PC will be rewarded. Today me seems they changed the post profit shift fund rules. We old members can now take out $250 daily - at least I noticed I am with plenty of post Shift earnings although I never sent new funds since profit shift... Looks like Sanat's coming lol

HermitJim said...

Kids and little red wagons...! A match made for grandparents!

Sure is card worthy!

blondie said...

Same here Roland and I just posted about that. Maybe my blog isn't updated in your area yet.
Anyway I'm very excited about it and won't stress so much about getting in when the bucket is open.
$250 works wonders for me!
Especially this time of year!
Ho Ho Ho

Hey Jim,
Actually at Children's Hospital they use red wagons instead of wheel chairs when the kids get to go home. Maybe you didn't see the post the day before.
Yes, she's a happy girl now that she's back home counting down the days to Christmas.

Take care :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear Olivia is on the mend. There is nothing worse than a sick child. Surgery brings worrying to an even higher level. Been there, done that, Blondie, so I know what you went through.
Glad its over for you.
Take care sweetie.


blondie said...

Oh Thanks Tree,
Yeah, I was a real worry wart and she pulled through much better and faster than I had imagined.
Recovery time for little ones is so much faster than someone old like me, LOL
Thanks for checking up on us.
Always enjoy hearing from you :)
Night Night