Thursday, December 20, 2012

Colder Than A Witch's...

Was freezing cold here last night. Down into the teens Fahrenheit.
While my Son was busy sending me a pic of his fireplace in facebook, (brat), I was dressed in my warmest night gear.
Nope, no fireplace at my house so I needed to improvise.

ProfitClicking: noticed some movement there. Some of my old Panels have been placed finally. They were created in Jan 2012. Out of 7 new Panels placed, six of them were old and one was just created today and placed today.
Also got a $60 Rebate from a Filled Matrix and quite a few RC's from referrals filled matrices.
- last night I re-purchased more ad packs thinking if I buy more, maybe it'll help kick out my pending withdrawals? No such luck.
- pending EgoPay payment since Oct 1st (queue)
- pending Payza (bucket) payment since Dec 12th
- DSP received from 12/16 - 12-17
- still no updates about blocked accounts :(
OK, that's all I got for now. I suppose if we're still alive after Friday then maybe PC will make it a point to get their act together for the new year. One could only hope eh?

Phinanci: It's Alive! It's Alive! hahaha
Seriously, there's some movement there.
Posted in MMG by my friend Susan:
    Amount Paid: $26
    Paid Via: Solid Trust Pay - Phoenix14
    Batch#: Phoenix14
    Plan Name: 100 Days Daily
    Deposit: 26
    Date: 20th Dec 2012

Good to see it moving and thanks for sharing the news 'kiddo'!

RicanAdFunds: since I purchased some new ad packs yesterday, I might just request a payment tomorrow. Have you guys ever noticed their Stats at the bottom of the page?
Online Days: 86 days
Total Members: 10926
Total Paid: $1 075 073.93
Users Online: 82
Purchases: $1 472 775.00
Quite impressive I'd say.
Can't remember the last time I've been in a program that I've felt this comfortable with. The Admin's sure deserve a big round of applause for running a great program in such a professional manner. (clapping hands :)

Thinking about tomorrow and what my Mother used to preach to me back in the day. Listening to this song (which was one of her favorites) and wondering has anything changed for the better since then? It's still a powerful song, even though it was written in 1965, by a 19 year old.
(ps, I'm still here Mom. Can you believe it?)


Henry said...

Strangely I was also looking at their stats today..., as long as the purchases stay ahead of the amount paid.

...and a Merry Christmas if I don't post before the day.



blondie said...

Actually Henry,
Richard (or was it Russell) wrote about that in one of their updates saying that it's possible for the numbers to be reversed but that does not mean it's doomsday.

Merry Christmas to you and yours also. But Tuesday is still a long way away, lol

gene said...

Hey Judy Blondie! Yeah good song, since we are on the eve of destruction, it is appropriate, end of the world as we know it. heha.

But you know this too shall pass.

Any better, well tons of information has been produced more than anyone is capable of absorbing really, tons of it produced daily.

Mankind still goes on. Headed where?

Only time will tell.

As for PC, well, I can not see many saying "paid" these days. Not sure what to make of it.

ISM is the ticket right now. Long live ISM I say.



blondie said...

Well Gene,
We either wake up tomorrow or we don't, right?
And assuming we do wake up, what then? Will anything change?
I sure hope so but it probably won't.

As for PC, I just listened to Doc's call. Everything is fine and dandy in PC land and we just need to give it time.

Yes, ismAI and RAF is definitely the ticket right now. Those guys are real and doing a great job!

Glad you enjoyed the song.
You know where to find me.
Cheers :)

doomcrew said...

The pendings with pc are going to have to speed up, im not sure how anyone new is looking at this and saying its a good one to go into 2013 with.

blondie said...

Makes you wonder doesn't it?