Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday and It's Snowing

Not just snowing...more like blizzard conditions.
But should clear up tomorrow, or so they say.

Just getting my day started and thought I'd share this with you regarding RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome:

It has appeared that there were a number of fraudulent LR withdrawals requests, both for ISMADSINCOME and RICANADFUNDS.
Because of this, the Admin has cancelled pending LR withdrawal requests.
The funds were returned to your respective accounts.
Just make a withdrawal request again.

And what a bunch of crap that is! Here we have a great program with great Admins and some idiots try to mess it up by attempting to steal funds. Sheesh :(

As for me, I just purchased more Ad Units in RAF.
Thumbs Up Admins!!

ProfitClicking: another ground-hog day at PC.
Nothing has changed since Monday and my pending payments are all still pending.
No updates from anyone on blocked accounts either.


Anonymous said...

I had my PM request cancelled as well.
Made another one today though.
Hope it works this time. :)

Henry said...

Paid in 24hrs to STP


blondie said...

Should be OK this time.
Have a good day.

Hi Henry,
Thanks for letting us know :)

Brad Tramell said...

it seems like the buckets are not opening like they were a week ago, I barely see any posts on open buckets in the last few days, I wonder whats up with it?

blondie said...

Your guess is as good as mine Brad.
And hardly any payments posted too.
Looks like we're just in limbo at the moment.

doomcrew said...

Well Im in the same boat as most PC members, the good news is the formerly named matrix money is now flowing but are they ever going to pay us that is the question.

blondie said...

It is a mystery at this point, huh doomcrew.

Anonymous said...

I got my payment from Rican today!

blondie said...

Excellent :)