Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chopped Liver in a Bucket

While still feeling like chopped liver last night, I was restless and stayed up long enough to witness the unveiling of the new ProfitClicking 48 hour withdrawal system.

Once announced, folks were flocking to it and putting their $50 withdraw requests into the Bucket as fast as they could. Well, if you can get $50 out every 24 hours, why not? Better than waiting 60 days for a $250 request, right?

Anyway, I was able to grab a spot in the STP Bucket last night so will be interesting to see if it really is paid in the 48 hours they announced.

Now the problem I'm seeing is that the buckets are already full today and so people are given a choice what else to do with their withdraw requests.

When a Bucket is full the member has 3 options:

a) try using the "Bucket" of a different Payment Processor
b) try using the same "Bucket" again later when its not full
c) place the current withdrawal request into the "Queue"

If placed in the Queue, it is now estimated at 40-45 days for payment. (At least they're being more realistic on the time frame.)

So... have you read the new FAQ's yet? Log into your account, click on FAQ's and scroll down to # 21 and go from there.

Does anyone understand what PRE-profitshift and POST-profitshift money means? I'm not really sure but trying to get some answers.


Wesley said...

One thing I noticed Judy is that I am restricted to a $50 withdraw via the bucket and also via the long que. I tired to create a new withdrawal to the Payza que and was limited to $50. If the max request is $50 per processor for funds priot to eah profit shift, then it will be inpossible for anyone to become a millionarie in this program. I am also confused about the FAQ about pre-shift and pro-shift. I guess the system will restrict anyone with funds prior to the PS to $50 until it's been depleted from your account. Very sad to see the program take this direction indeed.

blondie said...

Hi Wesley,
Right. Seems $50 is the only amount open for withdraw right now.
Maybe once we understand what pre shirt or post shift really means, then the new w/d system will be more clear.
Keep your chin up.
Let's figure out how to work this thing. K
Cheers :)

Henry said...

Hi Judy, I think that pre-shift debts are too great to allow more than a small amount to be paid...I don't mind, as I think they will try to a) Increase membership to bring in new money and therfore pay their commitments gradually...

...better I think than just vanishing..better than the calculated Phinanci approach...

I wish them well and hope that they gain a growing curve.

Hope you're well and I'm glad your car is moving...mine is (just) with over 150,000 on the clock



erfcomm 40

blondie said...

Hi Henry,
Gotta agree with your logic on PC. I just hope their plan works and we can benefit from it again.

I think Phinanci will come around too, once things are back in place and settled a bit. Hope so anyway.

Still got this dang cold, my car is moving, rattling like always, but that one's got over 143 on it :)
About what you can expect for an old girl.

Take care now :)

HermitJim said...

I hope you shake that cold soon, my friend!

blondie said...

Me too Jim, Thanks.
This morning, thought the top of head was split open :o
At least it felt that way.
Have a happy Sunday

Lisa D said...

Hi Judy,
Hope you're feeling better.

Just wanted to let you know that I received my Profitclicking withdrawal within 48 hours to STP. So if you can time it to get to 'the bucket', it appears to be working.


blondie said...

Hi Lisa, yes it does.
I'll be updating about it today.
Been a slow moving week for me. Just wish I could stop coughing.