Thursday, December 13, 2012


Unfortunately my good PC broke today. Won't boot up. So off to the store this morning.
How am I writing this?
On js's old canadian pc and on dial-up :(
See you soon I hope.

Much later in the day...
After messing around with all the connections, unplugging and re-plugging, powering off, back on, checking connectors for the DSL box etc... 
I finally gave up and decided it was the Laptop that died.
Unplugged it, took it to the other room, tried to boot it up on battery. No go. Brought in the power cord and plugged it in. Still no go.
Then I decided to remove the battery just for grins.
Powered it up again and WhooHooo! Back in business!!

So... if there's a dead battery in the laptop it won't boot up even though it's plugged in? Weird stuff. Glad I learned something new today.
I'll be back on track tomorrow.


doomcrew said...

I learned that closing and opening the laptop daily usually ends in a problem with the screen led display.
So after going thru two acer laptops I bought another and have maybe closed it twice.

blondie said...

Never heard that. Thanks dc.
Do you like your Acer? I almost bought one last time but decided on a Toshiba instead. Acer was a better price though.