Friday, December 28, 2012

Rican / ism Updates

Hey there :)
Just a quick update or two from Richard and Russell about the current down time for all of the ISM programs: 
(pulled this from the forum where others found the updates)
Thanks guys!

Richard Cannon
Hello to all members - some very sad people have decided to attack what we are doing to make life easier for many people - unfortunately they don't care about you they just want the money. We are doing everything we need to to make the sites totally secure and to make sure that no one loses because of the actions of these nasty individuals. Russell Chapman will be giving an update at 12 noon UK time today. We will NOT allow your business to be affected long term by this.

Update from Admin Russell an hour ago. 

We are still working on restoring the server and databases.

Once they are restored we will check them before we allow public access.

All earnings will be run to date so you will not lose out.

Actions taken will be for the long term benefit of the members not for short term convenience.

Thank you all for your messages of support

I will provide a further update as soon as possible.

At about 5 PM my time:
Russell Chapman
I now have the c-panel passwords. Databases are being restored. It is late here now so I will be verifying databases in the morning. Sites will remain under maintenance until then . We are making progress.

And there's more.....
This question was from a member asking:

I just received an email titled 'Urgent , 28 December Security Update' with an attached rar file asking to verify our identity. This looks suspicious. Did the company sent this email or not?

Admin's post on FB.

There is an email that has been sent out from ISMMagic limited.
It is NOT FROM US !!!!
The sender is Ismmagic Limited


That's all for now.
I need to leave for a couple of hours but wanted to say first that 
xGolding has gotten off to a great start! Lots of members joining and already showing their payment proofs in the forums. Right on :)

Also, to those of you who selected a percentage in the Compound area when making your spend, that cannot be changed at this time.
Here is someones ticket response to that issue:

Does that say 10-12 Days? Ouch.
I'll bet you it get's fixed before then, but that's just me.


Just checked into ProfitClicking before I call it a night.
They're keeping up a little better with their Daily Sales Profit earnings but ... if we can't withdraw it or have to fight for those buckets, it's not much fun.
I don't expect things to change before the New Year, but am looking for a lot of change after that. Hope they don't let me (and you) down.
PS, hey ProfitClicking... get working on those Blocked Accounts that were blocked for no reason please. I have innocent referrals who are waiting patiently to be reinstated. Thanks!

Have a happy full moon night.

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