Friday, December 14, 2012


Was hoping to write something exciting here today, other than it being Friday but I'm struggling at the moment.

ProfitClicking: my friend Greg received his payment today that's been pending since Oct 1st to EgoPay. Was happy to hear that since I also have one dated 10/1 that's been sitting there next to his. Still waiting on mine.
- There's been news of "Blocked" accounts all over the forums and no one really knows why. Some have been using an 'auto click' type software to try to get into those buckets when they open. Others who have been doing it the old fashioned way by checking, bucket is full, go back and check again... have also gotten their accounts blocked. So unless there is some glitch or bug I don't understand why those innocent account holders are blocked. Hope it's resolved soon.
- Listened to Doc's call last night and repeatedly he said things were going to get better for a lot of things in the program. Hope so.
- I have managed to get into a bucket or two over the past week but found that requesting $50 instead of $250 seemed to be easier. Others have reported the same.
- they're doing the DSP catch up today so haven't seen a bucket open.
That's about it for now.
Keeping the faith :)

RicanAdFunds: is doing great. Nice, quiet, paying, no drama program. I did have one little hiccup while purchasing new ad spots from my e-wallet area. It's been 2 days since my purchase and they're not showing yet. I read that someone else is having the same problem so it must be wide spread. Sent Admin Richard a note and I'll keep my eyes on it.

Payza: here's what I forgot to tell you but if you're a Payza user then you already know this:
We are pleased to announce that Bank Transfer transactions to and
from US bank accounts are once again available for select Payza
members. Based on your account history these features are available
to you. This means you are now able to Add Funds by Bank Transfer
to your Payza e-wallet from the US bank account(s) currently linked to
your Payza account. These transactions are FREE! You can also
Withdraw Funds by Bank Transfer to the same account(s) for just
$0.50 USD per transaction.
Kind regards,
The Payza Team

SolidTrustPay: my friend told me that STP told him that they 
would be following suit in the ACH transfers to U.S. members
sometime next week. I have not been able to verify this but
am hoping it's true :)
Thanks G.

RevTrix... new program recently launched.
No, I am not joining but won't disclose why at this time.

I have some friends who are playing and I don't wish to
hurt their chances of making money.
Let me just say, I'm praying for you :(

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