Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After and a New HYIP

Hope you all had a good Christmas and welcome back to reality.

For you HYIPsters out there, yes there is a new HYIP on my side bar. xGolding is the name of the game.
I do not know the Admin personally but have heard some good things about him. His last program ran for a decent amount of time, long enough for all the early joiners to be well into profit. So I wouldn't think on this too long, as we all know the early bird catches the worm, right?
- Basic HYIP, pays 2% daily x 150 business days
- Principal returned at the end of term (that should be fun)
- accepts LR, PM, Ego and STP
- minimum $10 investment
Is compounding available?
Yes, compounding is available with the option between 0 to 100 percent with ten percent increments. (be careful with that)
- RC is paid 2 levels deep, 3% and 2% but is not paid on re-investments. Only on new spends from pay processors.
- Minimum withdrawal is $1 but is not instant. You must wait up to 24 hours and they are only paid M-F, not on the weekends.
Everything else you need to know is in the FAQ's.
Is this risky? Of course it is. They all are. But because of who told me about it and who is running it, I'm comfortable enough to share it with you.


ld randi said...

I've just joined XGolding under your referral with a little spend.

Good luck to both of us :-)

blondie said...

Thanks Randi!
I hope this one will surprise us with longevity :)