Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Another Christmas classic, brought to you by O Rae Morrison!
Here it is, one year later and she still wants no part of this.
Maybe next year she'll have it all figured out, lol

OK, let me start from the bottom.
GrandBankClub: since I was mistaken about the 'fast start bonus' funds, Gord set me straight which I will post here:

so... to get max earning from the E40P...
- Member withdraws $54
Member buys $40 E40P
Member gains $4.30 LB (in account balance)
Member gets paid $54
Member gains FSB of $20.50 (in account balance)
rinse and repeat

Folks that are already in a profit remain there with each purchase as long as they withdraw more than purchasing of course.

Now this is obviously after you've funded your first $40 (or more) and started earning. As for myself, I bought 4 - 40's the other day. Have received $82 FSB and $17.20 Loyalty Bonus into my account already. So as you can see, once you get started, it just keeps rolling as long as you work it.

Yesterday, even though I'm still coughing like crazy, volunteered to watch my grand doggie Louis (pronounced Woolis by O-Rae) after her very expensive gum surgery.
Poor baby is on drugs and high as a kite. She just hung out and relaxed most of the day and seemed to be feeling better by the time her Daddy picked her up last night. Get Well Soon Woolis.

ismMagic / ismAdsIncome / RicanAdFunds:
Got a note from Richard on Tuesday that he was in the Philippines promoting the Rican programs and meeting up with members. Now how cool is that?
I'll tell you honestly, when I first joined up with these guys I joined with the same thoughts as everything else online. Get in, make some money, then see where it goes after that. Boy am I surprised! (in a good way of course.)

- Finally got my Rican E-Wallet all figured out and working.
For those having trouble, Joey put up step-by-step instructions on his site and you can find that HERE.

- Now, what I did first was update each profile to be sure they are all exactly the same, and they need to be! For instance:
'CO' and 'Colorado' do not match.
'United States' and 'United States of America' do not match.
'Downline Builder' must be updated also in ismMagic (under My Account tab) with your username for RAF and ismAI.

So when updating your own profiles, pay special attention to how those fields (and everything else) is input.
Now once I got my e-wallet updated and approved, I was able to purchase a new position in RAF yesterday with my Wallet funds from ismMagic. Also added a few more positions from pay processor funds as well.

- Is it just me or does anyone else get the feeling that the Rican network of programs will soon replace the one that paid my bills earlier this year? Something to seriously consider I believe. Thanks Richard and Russell.
- ps, was paid $150 from ismAdsIncome yesterday ;)

Phinanci: it's coming back. It's just taking forever and a day.

ProfitClicking: I don't even know where to start.
OK, so the new Bucket is working. IF you can catch it that is.

But $50 Max each 24 hours? Argh!
There is still confusion on how the FAQ's are written with regards to PRE profit shift and POST profit shift funds.
Thinking that I had a handle on it, I moved all of my Ad Pack funds to Wallet and expected to see at least 'some' of my funds as POST shift. Not!
Plan B: caved and re-purchased some ad packs yesterday. Once they start earning, will they be considered POST shift funds or does it have to be New money from pay processors?
Sure wish they wrote those FAQ's in English, LOL

Now I can't complain too much since I've been able to grab the bucket when it was open. (Thanks to MMG members for that.) But it seems a lot of folks who keep trying during the day are not having much luck and getting the 'Bucket is Full - Try back later' message.

Well, I don't know how or why PC decided on this Bucket idea. And I don't know why it doesn't seem to have the same rules for everyone.

Saw a poster in MMG who has -0- Ad Packs and only receives RC. His funds are in both PRE and POST shift areas. So he is able to withdraw up to $250 each 24 hours for the post funds. Now does that make sense?

As far as my own stats and reporting goes...
- my oldest w/d from before the 'bucket' days is still Oct 1st pending via EgoPay for $250.
- my DSP (daily sales profit) is updated through 12/2.
- cycled another Panel a few days ago, but still not able to 'work them'.
- kind of wish they'd ditch that new 'pop-up' page.
- my referrals and their referrals are still buying like crazy. Wonder why that RC is not considered 'post p-s funds'?

Someone asked me what time they open the buckets? It varies. I've been able to grab one at 10:30 AM MST, also at around 5 PM MST. But it's really a shot in the dark if you just keep trying throughout the day. That's why I've found the forum very helpful since other members Announce when they see a bucket open for a particular pay processor.
Also announced in the official PC FaceBook page and their Twitter page too. So if you're a FB or Twitter fan, might want to keep tabs there for News.
Good Luck to You.

The Denver Broncos have a game tonight but not shown on my cable network. So we invited ourselves over to my Son's to watch the game. "I'll bring homemade Lasagna and Garlic Bread". "See you at 6" was his reply :)


Sheila McLendon said...

Too cute (both the little granddaughter and the granddog). I have several pictures of my sons looking bewildered in the lap of St. Nick (perhaps they couldn't figure out what they were doing in the arms of a stranger dressed in weird red garb!)LOL

blondie said...

Hi Sheila,
Yeah that Santa thing is funny.
Some take to it, some not so much.
If the dog were there, she's be licking Santa up I'm sure, lol
Have a great weekend!