Saturday, December 29, 2012

Yep, It's Still That Cold

I refuse to leave my house today until we get above the freezing point. So you're stuck with me for about 3 more hours. Don't wanna freeze my butt off like this guy did.

Update from RicanAdFunds and ismAdsIncome:
Latest update from admin Russell.

1. ismAI and RAF databases restored.
2. All members accounts are reactivated
3. Earnings will be processed up to date today
4. All outstanding withdrawals will be cancelled today
5. Members will have until 12:00:00 1st Jan 2013 to report any fraudulent Processor IDs and invalid emails on the account (check by using recover password).
6. Withdrawals will be activated at 00:00:01 2nd Jan 2013 (Please note that their would not have been withdrawals under normal circumstances tomorrow (Sunday) or on Tuesday (UK Public holiday).
7. Richard will commence approving purchase when he is back home later today or tomorrow.
8. All support tickets prior to 11am today are cancelled

Thanks again to an MMG member for posting that.

Later in the day update: checked my account again and I noticed that we have received the daily earning for yesterday while the site was down. Hey, I'm impressed. Thanks Richard and Russell :)


xGolding: is growing. Thanks to all who have joined.
Requested my first withdraw yesterday but not sure if I was too late since he doesn't pay on weekends. Will let you know.
Also my daily earning has been posted right on time for the last two days. So now it will be Monday before we earn again. Remember it's 2% x 150 Business Days, not calendar days.

Forgot to mention, the cookies for this site don't last very long. So if you go to my link, then look around for awhile, then go to register... you may end up under the Admin. So please check the top of your registration page for your referrer's name and ID before joining.
Also be sure to tell your referrals the same so you don't lose any.

If you're unsure who you signed under, you can always find that in "Member's Home" under Personal Data.
And if it's the wrong person, a support ticket will do the trick.

And did I forget to mention: making your investment is a 2 step process. First you fund your wallet then you can make your spend from there.

Ever feel like you're losing your mind? LOL 


ProfitClicking: same ole same ole.
Received my daily earnings for 12-25 and 12-26.
But still the same ole Oct 1st pending w/d to EgoPay. (sigh)

Good News: at 3:50 PM my time I was actually able to get a bucket withdraw to go through. It was only for $50 via STP but surprised the heck out of me.

* Sunday Update: Received my payment today. Less than 24 hours from the time I got in my request. Thank You PC :)



Anonymous said...

..and thank-you for posting it here Blondie. Where are these updates coming from, as I'm not getting any emails from them.

blondie said...

I would guess they're from the facebook page which I don't go to.
But depending on who is posting, I have a pretty good idea if it's a real update or not :)