Saturday, December 15, 2012

This Is A Sad Sad World

After turning on the News channel this morning and learning of the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school shooting, I was just shaking my head in disbelief. I don't think any of us will ever understand how or why these things happen, especially to innocent children, and I can't imagine the pain of going through an ordeal like that myself.
My deepest sympathy goes to those who have been affected by this tragedy, along with my prayers that nothing like this will ever happen again.

ProfitClicking: reports of blocked accounts are still coming in by the dozens. I checked my account earlier and it's still OK. But to be on the safe side, I am not going to try to request any withdrawals today, just in case.
- still waiting on that Oct 1st pending w/d to EgoPay
- DSP earnings caught up from 12/11 thru 12/13
- a few more of my old ad packs expired
That's about it for now. I'll report if anything else changes.

RicanAdFunds: after you make a purchase via your e-wallet funds, you get this confirmation:

5 Ad Packages of $15.00 have been successfully approved.

Now I'm real sure I received that message 3 days ago when I purchased but for some reason, it never showed in my member area.
Today I finally found where to check my ismMagic e-wallet balance and Hello! The $75 was still sitting in there waiting to be spent. Hmmm
So I went ahead and did it again and this time it worked. Could have been my fault all along, or a hiccup, or both. In any case, it's all fixed now and I'll start receiving my 2% daily on that starting tomorrow.

ismAdsIncome and RicanAdFunds: made a withdrawal request from both today. Being that it's already late Saturday, and payments are not sent on Sundays... might be Monday before I receive it.


Anonymous said...

I think these things happen because we as humans breed this type of behaviour. Humanity seems to embrace violence. We buy it. We promote it. We make excuses for ourselves when we are violent towards other nations. What exactly are we teaching our children? That violence in some cases is acceptable?

Sports figures in violent sports are touted as heroes. How many movies of the "good guy" killing the "bad guy" have we watched? I am a Roman Catholic, and I worship the crucifix which has obvious violent connotations. Soldiers are heroes. People that die for "the greater good" are made to be martyrs. We as adults act as though we can determine the difference between acceptable violence and non.

The major news stations are using this event to promote their own political agendas about gun control. They've asked more questions about the guns, and what should be done about that, rather than the victims' families and how we can help them. All this is very confusing to the average adult...imagine how confusing it is to children as their minds grow and try to absorb what we're trying to teach.

On the day of the Columbine massacre, we dropped more bombs on Kosovo than any other day, and then we ask why?? why all the violence from our kids? why? why? It must be the music. It must be the violence on television. We're always pointing our fingers. This is nothing new. We've been entertained by violence since the beginning of time. Is adult entertainment killing our children or is killing our children entertaining adults?

In the meantime, those families have years of learning how to cope ahead of them. Very very sad.

mm...a very angry mm.

blondie said...

I'm angry to mm. Both sad and angry.
Heard on the news today that 47% of U.S. households have a gun. Guess that puts me in the 53% who don't.
I'm still shocked by what happened and at a loss for words.
And you're right, those poor families. Don't know how they'll ever learn to cope with such a meaningless act of violence.