Tuesday, January 31, 2012

T2MoneyKlub slight delay ...

Just in: 

Hi T2 Members
Here is the latest update regarding a slight delay in the reset of T2.
Thank You.
T2 Staff.

Monday, January 30, 2012


JBP-JSS: Just a reminder, Carl Pearson DID NOT send out an email promoting a new HYIP. Sort of ridiculous if you ask me that some clown(s) is trying to trick members into joining. Geez!
- Still in the middle of their 2nd Restart. Another 2-3 weeks to finish.
- New servers will be coming soon (did notice the site is slow at times).
- JSS- smart to buy placements and premiums for spots 1-2 when you get a new matrix, so that it will cycle faster. If you don't, could take a year or more to cycle.
- Level 2 Upgrade might open this week. If not, should be next week.
- Platinum placements? Carl mentioned that will be coming sometime down the road for those who want to cycle their matrices in 1-2 days. I'm sure it will cost you plenty though, LOL
OK that's it from today's conf call with him.
I'll be doing a cash out request a little later, then tomorrow buying more Triplers. Yesterday, I quickly went through about $150 bucks buying placements and premiums for my JSS matrices. But that's OK, it will come back to me later, plus some.

PXSense: yesterday I did use some of my earnings to compound into buying more positions. I also requested a cash out via AP and it was paid INSTANT! YaY!
When clicking on 'matrix placements' and looking at my Tree, I see it's full with members who purchased 10 or more units. So I suppose I just need to wait it out now to get my $60 Bonus for that. Okie dokie, I ain't goin nowhere.

It's going to be 62 degrees F here today! What? End of January? You'd think it was May or something. Hope my tree and lilac bush don't get confused.

GBC: received my weekly profit share yesterday.
AND received a pmt towards one of my 40 boards, but I didn't get the AP notification this time like I normally do. Didn't realize it until I was checking my AP balance. Weird huh? Anyway, TY Gord for both!

Lucid Nature: we're coming down to the wire, aren't we? Won't be long before my first spend is matured and I'll be getting my principal returned. Checking my stats, looks like Thursday will be the day for me.
Also requested an interest earnings cash out yesterday, and was paid!

LuxoSurf: threw a few more coins into the slot machine today. (Elmer over at the MMG forum has me hooked now in calling it that, lol). But that's what it is. There's no guarantees on any of this stuff. We play, we gamble, we have a little fun, and we make a little money. Just like rolling the dice... 'blondie needs a new pair of nerdy reading glasses', haha
PS, they also have a No-Surf plan for those who don't want to surf daily. Earn 10% for 12 days, paid at expiration.

aDailyCash: had $22 bucks in my account so requested a cash out today. Remember the minimum cash out is $20 so if you started with $10 and don't want to add more, you can compound when you get to $10 in your account to keep the ball rolling.

Tripler2 = T2MoneyKlub: should be getting an update about that pretty soon since Feb 1st is right around the corner. I prefer their email updates as opposed to looking for updates in their forum. Sometimes I read through pages of notes but still walk away empty handed. Will post when I have some news to share.

My Son's Birthday was the 21st, but they were out of town so this past Saturday we took the family out to dinner. Went to a Mexican restaurant and it was great. Had two strawberry margarita's (not normal for me) and I'm guessing I had a good time because the next day I was combing Salsa out of my hair! LOL Doesn't necessarily mean I was tipsy... just that my hair always sits on my lap when I eat and their salsa was pretty runny, so it could have happened to anyone.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Wasn't going to post today but something came up that you need to know ...

Some joker is sending out an email supposedly signed by Carl Pearson about a new HYIP that JPB is promoting.


It's called Gold-X-Invest (goldxinvest dot net)

DO NOT believe the email and DO NOT put any money in this!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Words of Wisdom

"If someone throws a brick at you, Build a House."
Thanks to Jennifer for the above quote and to all of you who commented or asked to be added to my Alert service email address. Luv you all !! 

JBP-JSS: listening to Carl now.
- The calculator is up and running.
- Level 2 still not available but coming "soon". I just asked Carl if we could get advance notice of it opening, and his response was that we will all be noticed by Level. Meaning your sponsor will be notified first, then yourself, then your referrals. Ooooo I like that!
- Member growth going through the roof and up to 128,409.
- Don't forget to tell your prospects about the free $10 in the Tripler to get started with. That amount will come back out of their account in 60 days but it's there to use in the interim so they can see how the system works.
- Help Desk requests are getting caught up.
- They're half way done with the restart feed.
- 'Other' money making programs coming soon also, which you know I'll probably be involved in, LOL I love new games so if JBP launches one, I'm in.
- In the email updates you receive, it IS your sponsors link that is shown and they did that for a reason, but might change it soon.
OK, that's I got from the call so going to check my stuff now. BRB

PXSense: yesterday was their 1 month anniversary (Congrats!) and don't forget weekends are when you can upgrade with your account balance. I'm going to wait until tomorrow and let it build a little more first.
PX sends out some really informative updates, so if you're a member you can keep tabs on it all.
- They've released Instant Withdraws via AP only.
- They are still running a contest for original testimonial, paid post, banner or anything creative related to PXSense.
- and they have increased the conversion rate of your Credits-to-Cash to $3 per 1000 PTP Credits. It's a promo offer and will expire in a few days.
To be honest with you, I haven't been paying enough attention to all the bells and whistles this site has. Checking my account daily and receiving my 2% is always a bonus in my book.
Also one of my referrals just added a couple more units which now means my first matrix is filled! YaY!! Guess i need to wait it out for the email I should be receiving about that. Hurry PX Hurry! LOL

Oh hey, my new vacuum cleaner brush roller came yesterday so I promptly replaced the old one with the new, and Voila! Twenty six bucks and she's purring like a kitten.

GBC: remind me to email Gord. I think I'm ready to buy another Easy 40 Plan :) ** Done and already got back $25 of the $40 I spent. Thanks Gord!

Lucid Nature: site was offline for awhile yesterday due to a ddos attack. Then came back, but seems to be offline again today. What the ** is going on? Sheesh! I'll check again later :(
** Site is back up for me. If not for you, should be soon.

LuxoSurf: today is day 5 since my first spend. I did add a small upgrade today, surfed and will wait until tomorrow to withdraw because I am seeing my expiration date as being 1/29. OK, that makes sense for this type of game. Put your coin in, pull down the handle, hit the jack pot, then wait for your winnings to fall out. (right Elmer?) LOL

aDailyCash: I filled a first matrix and trying to figure out how that happened. Guess I don't understand enough about how it all works. Checking the matrices view (view boards - drop down menu), I see Me and my 1 and only active referral. But then, there are others below me with different sponsor numbers. OK, so I guess there is some sort of spillover. Awesome. Today I am at Silver level and got $10 bucks for it. Thanks aDaily!

Hey I matched 4 out of 6 in the Colorado Lotto on Wed.
Looked it up and it'll pay $31. If it were 5/6, $531 and over 1.9 million if it were 6/6. Well, maybe next time :)

Tripler2 = T2MoneyKlub Update:
Hi T2 Members.
Here is another important update regarding the reset scheduled for the 1st feb.
We are also switching to our new website... T2MoneyKlub.com
Please read the update here.
T2 Staff.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Very Important !

Taking a break today but I just want to confirm a few things here first:

1 - I have never been the Admin of any program.
2 - I do not accept money for writing about programs.
3 - I always play with my own money.
4 - If I don't believe a program will work, I don't share it.
5 - I am not a hacker, never have been and never will be.
6 - I do not know how to launch a ddos attack.
7 - I do not share programs just for the RC. I've already said I play with my own money.
8 - I try to give the best advise I can on any program that I'm in or considering.
9 - I have been in this arena a lot longer than I've been blogging about it.
10 - I don't take insults lightly, especially when they are flat out lies.
11- I am not the "ring leader" of anything. I have been blessed with friends on the internet who I am very thankful for.
12 - I am honest, trustworthy and am not out to harm others.
13 - I am a wife, mother and grand mother.
14 - I am 5'6" and weigh 135. If that constitutes being a pig or elephant (as someone called me), so be it.
15 - If you have not joined my Alert Service, and would like to,

- OR if for some strange reason my blog were to disappear ... then at least I would have a way to contact you to let you know what my new address is.

Yep, there was a reason for writing all that and those of you who follow that unstable person and their programs will know who I'm talking about.

I have no time for this nonsense and this will be the only post I mention it in. Still confusing though why they chose me for the target of their vicious attacks. I've never done anything to hurt them, heck, I don't even know them. Yet I see my name splattered all over their closed program.

So please join my alert list if you haven't already. The email address (link) is at the top of the page, under my pic. I promise not to hound you with anything, but would like to be able to contact you ... just in case.

Thanks to all :)
and have a great evening!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


JBP-JSS: if you were previously upgraded at Level 2 and it expired, your account will now be showing as Level 2 Upgrade Status: Suspended.
Do NOT be alarmed at this. That is how it will show until they reopen the Level 2 Upgrading. Now, I am currently NOT at Level 2 but plan to be. So I'm crossing my fingers that my referrals won't upgrade before I do because I will lose the RC if they do. (hint hint) Might want to share the same with your referrals.
I'll let you all know when I see L2 available and do my own upgrade. Thanks :)

PXSense: received a payment from PX this morning which is always welcome along with my morning coffee. Checking my stats, PX will be one month old tomorrow and they've been adding new features this entire time. Good to see the Admin is on top of it all and the 2% daily has never missed a beat. Nice Job.

GBC: sorry Gord but I'm gonna skip you today. Thanks for having a nice quiet friendly place to earn a few bucks though. Wish I could say the same about every program out there :P

Lucid Nature: my only HYIP right now (although everything is similar in a way) and it's doing just fine. I check my numbers once a day, jot them down, do a cash out when it's worth it and am getting anxious for my first spend to mature. Remember now, this one lasts for 25 business days and your spend is returned at that time. Unless I'm wrong, the 1st or 2nd of Feb will be that day for me. YaY!
PS, just got an update from Lucid:
This is a short update to inform you that we have added more promotional banners from different sizes. You can find them under ‘Promotional Material’ from the member menu after you login to your account.

We did also a face-lift of our front end. Some minor additions were made in the header and footer, as well as on the main page.

We will be adding a splash page in the coming days, which will further ease the promotional efforts of our members.

Apart from all that, everything is looking good on our end and new members are joining us every day. We get a significant amount of attention and feedback on the monitors and blogs. We will make sure to maintain this momentum for as long as possible.

Don’t forget to join us on our facebook, twitter and google plus pages:

Thank you for your attention and have a nice day/night,
Lucid Nature team

LuxoSurf: so far, so good. Surfed day 3 today, only 2 more needed before my first 5 day spend matures. Yeah, I spent in the 5 day to start with just to see how it was all going to work out. Of course I'll keep tabs on it and let you know what I hear. Not that it makes much difference, but always good to have more than one set of eyes on this stuff.
I do think the Admin has the right idea and plans this time. So I'll play it out and when I get paid, will go in for another round.
Oh wait, NewsFlash. Some other Admin (who is jealous I suppose) put in a complaint to AP (even though he's not a member) and AP is looking into it. What a stupid selfish thing to do. I am just appalled at the behavior of some of these bone heads. I hope AP tells him to go fly a kite and mind his own business, but we'll see.
That was all taken care of. We're good to go!!!

aDailyCash: I was able to cash out yesterday and must have put in my request at just the right time. A couple of hours later, it was paid!
My only problem now is I did pay the $20 member upgrade which as it turns out, wasn't the smartest thing to do. But we all make mistakes and I was hoping for a better member count on this one. That's OK. Live and learn.
So unless you're a big promoter, save your $20 and stick with the 3% daily.

Was chatting with an old friend last night who showed me this page. Wow! Did that bring back memories!
I still to this day miss JS's sense of humor when we would visit in skype on a regular basis.
For those of you who don't go back to Feb of 2007, when John launched this program I volunteered to be his 'support person'. He kept me hopping for sure ... learning new things, how to set up the support Q&A for the site, checking into the forums to answer questions there. Yep, was a busy time for sure.
Funny, reading his site again now sure doesn't seem like it's been 5 years since this program ran. (big sigh) Miss you John.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

OK I'm Back

JBP-JSS: still two weeks before the restart feed is completed. Funny how Carl says that all the time. Anyway, if it happens sooner, we'll all be happy.
- Calculator should be coming soon.
- Level 2 upgrade should be coming soon.
- New Systems coming to help us make more money, soon :)

PXSense: has added banner advertising on their Pixel page. After purchasing an upgrade, you get advertising credits. You can use those credits towards banner ad's now. Under "Toolbox" you will see "Your Banner Ads New". Click on that, set up your banner and assign some credits to it. Couldn't be easier.
Yesterday I purchased 5 more upgrades and cashed out a little too. Thanks Admin, good job.

GBC: received my profit share amount from GBC's Sunday run, as always :)

Lucid Nature: receiving my week day earnings once again. Gettin closer to that first maturing spend. I'll keep you updated.

aDailyCash: I don't believe everything I read in forums, but there seems to be some dirt on this Admin floating around. Have no clue if it's true or not. I suppose in 50 or 60 days we'll know more. In the meantime, I AM earning 3% daily and should be able to cash out again tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Tripler2: Still on schedule for re-opening Feb 1st with the new name of T2MoneyKlub (dot com).
My understanding is:
- the Alert Pay funds that were 'frozen' (so to speak) have been released and are now in Admin Dave's control.
- When you log into your member area, at the bottom of your dashboard there is a temporary Reset button. Click on that and compare those numbers to your own records. RC has not been added to that calculation yet, so if you did sponsor anyone into the program, those numbers will change later on.
My transaction amounts are right on the button. Hope yours are too.

LuxoSurf: received this note from John, the Admin of STTF and decided to join his new one. I understand also how things went wrong which is almost expected in a high risk surf. This new one seems much more attainable for a longer term so I'm giving him another shot. 
Dear blondie,
Many know that STTF was victimized by several factors which caused its downfall. The wrong plans made it also counter with each others plans. Majority upgraded in the 11% daily plan and then when those were in profit or most were paid portions already, there was not enough funds left to pay those in the 12 days plan.
After making this mistake, I am no longer going to let the same thing happen anymore. I made a new site with better plans which are 5 days apart and only pay on expiration. Wait, don't shake your head just yet. The plans are: 
110% after 5 days and 125% after 10 days.
It is the same autosurf just with better plans, and guaranteed to last for a longer time this time around.
The commission is 3% for direct referrals only and upgrade unit is at $1 only. But the minimum for both plans is $5.
Thank you for your continuous support.
Thank you!

On another note... I want to say a few words about the MoneyMakerGroup forum. Forums in general, are not for everyone and you have to understand that a lot of people who visit them are new to this sort of business. But on the other hand, some of us have been a member of this forum for a lot of years. Wait, let me show you my stats:
Group: Member
Posts: 5,307
Joined: 16-January 05
From: Colorado, USA
Member No.: 2,147

Now I personally enjoy MMG... to see what's new, what's paying, what others have to say about certain programs and/or to answer questions for newer members. It's been a very useful tool for the past 7 years for me.

Of course there are some who post to vent their frustrations when things don't work out. Some visit to catch up on programs or to learn about new ones. Some to ask questions or get directions. All in all, it's a good place to find information on what you're interested in.

Not everyone who visits a program 'thread' is going to agree with everything that is written in it. Well Hello, that's just human nature and if we didn't disagree on certain things, what a boring world this would be, LOL

But constant ass kissing is NOT what forums are for either. If we have something to say or ask or share, then we should be able to speak freely with our own opinions and not be 'suspended' for doing so.

That being said, anyone who 'bad mouths' a particular forum, is bad mouthing the forum 'members'... almost like saying "there's a guy on that street that I think is nuts, so the entire neighborhood must be nuts too". Not a good business practice.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Just Can't Find The Time

I'll try to catch up here tomorrow. 
Been dealing with a 12 year old situation here at home which requires me to dig up paperwork from 12 years ago. Good thing I'm a pack rat.
Found some of it, but not all of it, so am busy offline for the moment.
Should be back tomorrow with updates.
Thanks for understanding ;)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Correction re JBP

JBP-JSS: seems I was a little off in what I said yesterday so I'll show it to you from the horses mouth this time:
JBP Level 2 (JBP2) will be released soon. Get ready to upgrade to JBP2. It will cost $57 every 3 months. JBP2 will pay commissions on two levels -- 50% / 25% ($28.50 / $14.25). Your commissions will be credited to your JSS account. You'll be able to use JSS-Tripler to triple your commissions in the long run. So you can effectively earn 150% / 75% on two levels. Nobody else I know of can pay commissions this high!
You'll need to upgrade to JBP1 before you can upgrade to JBP2

So there you have it. Make sense now?
- If you have referrals or referrals referrals who may upgrade to Level 2 (when it's available), then you do want to be upgraded, else you won't receive the 50% or 25% of their upgrade fee.
- I asked Carl in the conf chat today, "Will the mini-restarts replace the major restarts, or will there be both?" He said that Frederick told him the mini's should be enough as long as they're done more often, on a 'when needed' basis, and of course the impact will be much less than the last two major restarts we've seen. That's good news and makes me feel a lot better about buying more Triplers now.

Today is my Son's Birthday!
But he's not here in town :( 
He and Jess and Baby O are visiting her family this weekend in California.
Haven't gone shopping for your Spatulas yet but will soon, LOL
Miss You, Love You, and will talk to you later. 
Have a Wonderful Day! xoxoxo

PXSense: a little birdie told me one of the members has cycled his first matrix and received his $60 Bonus! That's good news!! As for me, I still need a couple more members in my matrix tree and then I can be doing the whoohoo dance along side him. In the meantime, 2% growing daily and we CAN compound our earnings on weekends (to buy more positions) to help with that.

GBC: profit share day tomorrow. Looking forward to that.

Lucid Nature: smooth sailing.

aDailyCash: been getting my 3% daily and have only cashed out once so far. With the minimum cash out of $20, makes waiting time a little longer. That's OK, as long as it keeps paying, that's what counts.

Tripler2: thought we'd be getting some news from Dave yesterday, but maybe now it won't be until Monday since Alert Pay office is closed on weekends. Looking forward to some action there, that's for sure :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Danger Will Robinson

Was surfing this morning (just for grins) over at Surf to the Future, when all of a sudden a radio station came on.
What the xxxx is that?
I immediately closed the site and the browser, which said:
*There is a download in progress. Would you like to stop that now?*
Download? I wasn't downloading anything.
So YES! Hell Yes... STOP!
I then cleared my browser cookies completely and rebooted. And I will NOT be going back to that site for any reason.
Please be aware of the Dangers out there. So sad :(
PS, just received a final email from the STTF Admin. I won't post it here because it was quite long. He did sound very sincere in his writing though. Well, we all know this was a game and should always play games carefully with money that is not needed to pay anything tomorrow, or ever.

JBP-JSS: getting kind of anxious for their Level 2 Membership to be available again, which according to Carl is the next thing on the list. Level 2 will cost $57 every 3 months and will mainly benefit the promoters. After upgrading to Level 2, you will receive 50% RC on what your referrals spent to upgrade to Level 1, and 25% RC on what your referrals spent to upgrade to Level 2. Now if you don't have any referrals, then the $15 for Level 1 should be plenty since that's whats needed in order to cycle and be paid on your matrices.
- Restart Feed is approx. 30% complete.
- Email notices are still running 2-3 days behind the actual transactions.
- Statistics: there are 19,400 JSS positions that only need 1 more spot to fill. Have you checked your JSS account lately? Might be worth 5 bucks to buy a placement or premium in order to speed up that cycle process, ya know?

PXSense: love the new login. All numbers (no letters) in the captcha code PLUS it's a new color that doesn't blend with the background. Guess I can put my magnifying glass away now.
When clicking on "Matrix Placements", my tree is filling up nicely. Only need a couple more at the 10 level to fill my first matrix.
If you've purchased enough for two matrices since Sunday, you will only be able to see your first one on the screen. Once that is filled and you are paid, then your next one will appear. Did that make sense?
I'll be checking there again later this afternoon since that is when my 'daily 2%' gets credited.

LucidNature: WoW! Lucid Nature reviewed in the famous MNO blog! Does that mean we picked a good one to play in? Yes maybe.
So if you plan to join anytime soon, just remember where you heard it first (wink wink).
Will be doing another cash-out this weekend while waiting for my principal amount to mature which I believe is another 8 business days. Coolio :)

And for you Traffic Exchange fans: ShowBizHits has turned on it's Surf Buster until server change Friday night. Go surf for Double Credits while the going is good.
Reminder: 80% of your credits must be assigned to a site or more. So don't worry about the small addition for each click since 80% will be assigned to your favorite programs automatically.

It is SO windy here today and woke me up several times last night. They recorded 100 MPH gusts in the mountains and foothills. That's where I live ... taking the brunt of it all.

Greg, if you tease me about the age of this song, I will break your fingers!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No Reply

Very disappointing when Admins who are always around when things are going good, seem to disappear in the blink of an eye.
Surf to the Future site is still up and still accepting upgrades! 
HELLO! We haven't been able to contact Admin for a few days now and payments are non-existent. DO NOT spend your money in this surf!
PS, since it's only been open for 15 days, you can file an AP dispute if you're thinking the same thing that I am ... that it won't be back. So sad :(

Another No Reply with regards to Larry at Centurion Wealth Circle. A few of you have asked me about that and I've tried to get in touch with him. NO REPLY! At least he had the decency to turn off the spending functions at CWC.

Now that I got that off my chest, we can chat about what's working and what's working good.

JBP-JSS: member count is skyrocketing!
JSS-Tripler now has 106,914 members -- continuing to grow at a phenomenal rate! At the end of last year -- just 17 days ago -- we had about 65,000 members. Our JSS-Tripler membership has grown by about 65% in just 17 days.
AND... Please tell your prospects that if they create their new JSS-Tripler accounts, they get "$10 free money" to get started. (Note that after 60 days their JSS accounts will be debited with $10.)
Looks like it's working as a good promotional tool. As for me, I'm sort of playing it by ear until the restart feed is complete, which is going really slow this time. But better slow than never right?

PXSense: if you haven't joined PX yet, now might be a good time to get it going. Every new $10 upgrade you purchase will be credited towards your own matrix. Upgrades purchased before the announcement on Sunday, do not qualify. So starting now, if you purchase 10 units in total over the next 75 days, you will receive a matrix position which will pay you $60 once it's full. And that's on top of the 2% daily x 75 days. Cool :)

Everything else is fine and dandy. 
GBC, Lucid Nature and aDailyCash. All up to snuff.

Tripler2: waiting on more news and February 1st to come along. Hate to post something if it's going to change before then. So when we get closer to that date, I'll get myself all updated and will share.

How to know when your kids are grown up:
What do you want for your Birthday? 
- A Spatula or two.
Yeah, one of em melted in the dish washer so I'm down to one, and need to keep washing it so I can use it the next day. So a spatula or a set would be nice ... if they're not too expensive.
Gotta love em ;)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bad News - Good News

Hate to start a post this way but payments from SurftotheFuture seem to be running late as of today. Needless to say, I removed their banner from my side bar, for now anyway. Maybe the Admin has a good reason for not being here and I'll give him a chance to explain. But if we don't hear anything soon, I'm sorry to say it could be over :( 

JBP-JSS: according to Carl this morning, their latest ReStart Feed is only 20% complete and could take another week or two to finish. Also we should NOT expect high cycling from Matrices like we did from the first restart. They have changed the algorithm so that more matrices will stay in the system to cycle later, and not sooner. They will still cycle, just not all of them tomorrow, LOL
PS, emails and actual transactions are not in sync. You may cycle 3 matrices today, but not receive the email about it till 2 days later. Just so you know.

PXSense: very happy with PX and it's newly added 2x2 Matrix. I did throw in a crisp new hundred dollar bill on Sunday to get a jump on the new system. The way I understand it is once you qualify for a Matrix position, there you are. Then it's a matter of others coming in after you to be placed as well. Those without personal referrals will also receive matrix downline. So it's not just for those who share / promote. It will work for everyone once you have 10 active units in play... bought since Sunday that is.

Lucid Nature: added Maxivote to their site. Those who vote in Monitors know what it's all about. Makes the voting task much easier (auto) and the program 'stats' stay up to date in all the participating monitors. Good thinkin Admin.

aDailyCash: 3% daily earnings continue and I had enough in my account to request a cash out yesterday (min. $20) which I received overnight. Still not 100% comfortable with the site but the longer it lasts, the better I'll feel.

My Order Has Shipped. Nice. Ordered a brushroll over the weekend from Eureka for my poor vacuum cleaner. I replaced the belt last week and it ran good for about 5 minutes. Then the roller brush froze up and wouldn't roll anymore. Well, another $25.99 is still cheaper than a new vacuum. So I'll give the guy one more new body part and if it still doesn't work right, then I'm afraid he'll have to be put to rest.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

PXSense ... How Sweet It Is !

Here's a very cool update I just received from the PXSense Admin: 

"Hello everyone, Today with great pleasure I would like to introduce you to some of additions and innovations in PXSense.

2x2 Matrix (Bonus Program):
We have created and implemented a Bonus Program with which everyone can earn $60 USD in unlimited bonuses. Participation is done by purchasing 10 Upgrades or more. The more Matrix Placements you have, the more you earn. If you purchase fifty (50) Upgrades = five (5) Top Matrix Placements, you can earn $60 USD x 5 times, but each time from a different downline.
You don't have to have a downline to participate and no referring is necessary. As long as your Top Matrix Placements are one (1) or more, you will keep getting random referrals until your Matrices get filled. You can find the Matrix link in your Member Office, where you can also learn more about how the system works.
The counter of Matrix Placements already started. You can proceed with purchasing Upgrades and earn your Top Placements now.

New Programs of PXSense:
We are always happy to announce new Income Programs part of the PXSense family. We are constantly working and planning new opportunities for You, to Make You money. We have another project in the works at this very moment - one of the many coming. You will hear about it very soon.

More Advertising Credits:
We have increased the Advertising Credits amount for each Upgrade. From now, 1 Upgrade will be giving you 2 Advertising Credits. Those credits allow you to advertise your link(s) on the Pixel Page.

Withdrawal Schedules:
We are now allowing you to make 1 Withdrawal Request every 24 hours. Enjoy.

Enhancements in PXSense Interface:
  1. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL):
    You can browse our site securely under 265-bit SSL encryption. All pages are SSL supported.
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    We have updated our logo which is seen on the top of all pages.
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    A restructure of the Member Office was made, to make it easier for you to navigate. We have added a Toolbox menus from where you can manage Your Pixel Ads, convert your PTP Credits-to-$$$ and manage the Approved Domains for the PTP Program.
  5. Live support:
    In the coming days we will have Live Support to server your inquiries.
We are taking the moment to celebrate the opening of our Bonus Program (The Matrix) by making a creative contest. You can come up with a creative banner or slogan for PXSense or simply share your PXSense experience in a creative way. You can do all that in our thread in the Money Makert Group (MMG) Forum - http://www.moneymakergroup.com/Pxsense-Pxsensenet-t394847.html
Monetary awards will be given directly to your Payment Processor. Your award will depend on how much we like your post or work. Do not forget to post your username.

Final Comments:
PXSense is on a cutting edge right now. Everything is outstanding. We have Advertising Platform, We Pay 2% Rebates, We have a Bonus (Matrix) Program, and at last but not least – We have a Professional Layout.
Thank you for your time.
Best Regards,
PXSense.net Team"

OK back to me.
I do see my own Matrix in the back office by clicking on "Matrix Placements" on the left side bar.
The number of positions bought that will be included in the Matrix starts today. So any you bought last week or last month will not be included in the count.
For every 10 purchased, you are entered into the Matrix. (Must be active units and not expired. So you've got 75 days to purchase 10 units in total in order to qualify for one matrix.)

To summarize:
You already earn 2% per day for 75 days on each unit.
If you sponsor you earn 10% RC first level and 5% RC 2nd level.
And now, as soon as a total of 10 positions are purchased, you receive a spot in the Matrix along with others who want to make the most money possible.
So once again, I put my money where my mouth is and will continue to do so, as I am now seeing this as a very long lasting program without a doubt. 
Hope to see you there :)


Saturday, January 14, 2012

What No Orange?

Big game tonight that I'll be glued to for sure. Don't have anything orange to wear though, except for my socks and am wearing them today. Good Luck to our Denver Broncos!
It's Tebow Time! 

Surf to the Future: surfed day 11 on my first spend there. Have 2 more running that will expire in 2 days and 10 days. Everything has been perfect so far keeping in mind that this is a high risk surf. So with member support and new members being added, could last a good long time.
Running Days 11
Total Members 300
Total Deposits $13270 

JBP-JSS: a few things of interest from JBP:

The JSS-Tripler Restart Feed is still expected to take more than a week to complete. At that time you will have all the JSS positions due to you from the latest Restart.

In future there will be more frequent Restarts, but they will have a smaller effect on daily earnings. Some changes coming:
1. Position cut-off date -- most recently bought positions won't be affected.
2. Earnings cut-off -- accounts that have earned less than "" (a variable parameter) won't be affected.
3. Account size factor -- there will be a table with a range of earnings parameters, so the higher the earnings, the higher the percentage of positions converted. At the low range the percentage might be around 10%.

I like it and it all makes sense. It will definitely help the smaller player get into profit with the rest of us. Thumbs Up Frederick Mann!

PXSense: nice new look at PX and a new update:

As some of you might have already noticed, PXSense received an upgrade on its interface. We have added a tool-bar, visible on the top of all pages which are as well now fully SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) supported. If you use "Gravatar" you will see your own profile picture inside your Member's Office. PXSense is using the same avatar service used by Google and thousands of wordpress blogs and other places. 

You can learn more about "Gravatar" from here -http://en.gravatar.com/ and watch the video.

Quick Tip: How to setup your avatar with PXSense!First set your own "Gravatar"– https://en.gravatar.com/site/signup/
[1.] Sign up.
[2.] Upload a picture.
[3.] Attach it to the email you use in PXSense.
Tomorrow we will send a nice newsletter introducing all the new features we have been working for the past week. You will also learn about the most recently coming future projects.
Best Regards,
PXSense.net Team

GBC: received another payment from Gord which completes one of my 40 boards. Well, it's mid-month so am going to buy a new one to keep it all rolling smoothly. And did I hear some Moose's are coming next? Yes sir! Check the GBC blog and you'll see what I mean.

Lucid Nature: it's Saturday and I did request my first payment from Lucid today. Didn't take long to receive either. Thanks Admin & Members :)

Tripler2: also a very long update from T2 and it's plans for the future. Might want to brew a pot of coffee or grab a 6 pack before getting into it. There's a lot of info to absorb so make yourself comfortable first.
Here is a crucial new update of what is happening with the new T2 website. There will be a partial restructure of the new site, that will ensure that we are No1 program in 2012.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th !

Superstitious? Nope, not me. I actually enjoy Friday the 13th. Could be the Witch in me I suppose and I do live with a Black Cat, sleep with him too, so there.

Surf to the Future: I remembered the Bonus offer today, so I purchased a new chunk of positions, surfed to the max, requested my payout and was paid promptly. My payment did include my Bonus Bucks also. Thanks Admin!

JBP-JSS: according to Carl in the conference chat, the restart is 10-15% completed and should take another week or two before it's done. So if you're waiting to cycle some of your own matrices, patience my dear. In the meantime, the Tripler will give you 2% daily like clockwork.
* Also, if you didn't listen to Frederick's call last night, he did mention Mini-Restarts could happen, possibly every 1-2 months but the impact will be much less, especially for the smaller accounts. The recorded version is there if anyone wants to listen in. You can skip to the 55 minute mark to save some time.

PXSense: PX has a nice new look to it and a Matrix being added soon. Maaaarvelous! Can't wait to see that and get it working for me.

Just realized, the blue jays and now the crows follow the squirrel around to get fed. They were ALL waiting for me in the tree just now. LOL

GBC: same ole same ole. Daily surfing, advertising, get a small bonus for that, waiting on Sunday's profit share and thinking about getting another Easy 40 Plan. Yep, that's the plan.

LucidNature: should be cashing out but am going to wait until the weekend when we don't earn anyway. Remember earnings are given 5 business days per week. Going great so far!

Tripler2: was hoping to have their Update in my hands by now, but I don't. I did hear Dave was going to be busy today with some head shaving thing, LOL It's in their forum if you're a member and interested. I'll update their news when I get some.

aDailyCash: just moved it from the top of my banner list, to the bottom. I need more info on the Admin and the program itself before I get comfortable with it. I see some big promoters all over it but I'm holding back right now. I did start with a good chunk of money though so I hope the 3% daily continues as it's supposed to. Also Kev from the IT Forum heard back from Admin that the minimum cash out will STAY at $20 and not be lowered. Things that make you go Hmmm.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I like the color red, don't you?

As long as it's not a red flag. 
In this business, that would be bad.

aDailyCash: while trying to get a feel for the site and asking a lot of questions, was told that their faq's were going to be updated to be more informative about the $20 matrix fee and how you benefit from paying it. Right now I'm thinking it does not help unless you have referrals to help cycle your matrix OR you plan to spend a lot of money there yourself. More on that later.
In the meantime, I've earned my 3% there again today.

Surf to the Future: day 9 for me which means I've earned back 99% of my first spend there. Did someone say Bonus???
So, I thought about STTF Loyalty Promo. This will run up til the end of the month. All reupgrades of $25 + on any plan will get a 2% rebate, directly to their payment processor accounts and not on their STTF accounts.
Please remember that this is for REUPGRADES, meaning, only succeeding upgrades worth at least $25 will be rewarded with 2% rebate.
You must contact me after reupgrading in order for you to earn your loyalty rewards.
Thank you and have an exciting day.
John Wilson

That was the 2nd half of his update just so you know what's going on in my world. Too bad I already surfed for today. Will be sure to add some funds tomorrow before I do my surfing.
Thanks John

JBP-JSS: cycled another jss matrix and I see some of my referrals are cycling quite well. Congrats to you all :) Sort of waiting for this restart feed to be over and see where I stand. Although I haven't changed my daily business with them... still buying triplers, still filling placements and premiums and still doing a cash out every so often. Three Cheers for JBP!

Tripler2: decided to wait for the next Update from Dave. I think it will be a good one so am not going to predict anything quite yet. Check later or tomorrow (in case he sends it too late for me to see it tonight). Cool :)
I did pick up the words "Reset" and not restart from the forum. Can't wait to hear more about that.
Oh and the member area is open again if you need to check anything out. But don't get too excited about any numbers you see there. The reset will be explained in his update.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Heaven Help The Idiots

I see them everywhere. Hard to believe this internet business is supposed to be open ONLY for Adults. Sure have been seeing some childish behavior lately. BTW, I have the best readers here in my blog. You guys are always a pleasure to chat with and I'm glad to have you here with me.
But there are fools out there. Don't forget that.

Let's get to work while I take a deep breath, LOL 
JBP-JSS: good update again today, part of it read:
JSS-Tripler now has 91,587 members -- growing at a phenomenal rate! (At the end of last year -- just 10 days ago -- we had about 65,000 members.)
The JSS-Tripler Pay-It-Forward System is working well. All members who create their JSS-Tripler accounts for the first time get "$10 free money" in their JSS- Tripler accounts. They can immediately buy a JSS-Tripler position and start earning 2% per day!
Please tell your prospects that if they create their new JSS-Tripler accounts, they get "$10 free money" to get started. (Note that after 60 days their JSS accounts will be debited with $10.)

The 10% / 5% referral commissions for JSS-Tripler, including for compounding, will remain the same - I had mentioned their possible reduction in the last update. We are very greatful to everyone promoting JustBeenPaid to others, even if it's just to your family and friends.
All good stuff as far as the eye can see. The Restart Feed has started but word is that it will take about a week to complete. So if 5 out of your 20 matrices were placed, sit tight and keep watching. Don't be sending in support tickets about that stuff. Read the updates, visit the conference chat, ask your questions there. Those poor support people have enough to deal with already.
Will be checking my own account in a bit and will be buying more Triplers once I get there.
* Got 1 JSS position from the tripler feed, but -0- from the restart feed. So maybe tomorrow or the next day will be my turn.

Tripler2: member area offline. I don't know what to say about this. There doesn't seem to be any real plan of attack or direction that makes any sense whatsoever. So maybe a new update would be nice. Reading through the forum posts just gets confusing and annoying. And those who actually ask questions that make sense, get a "time out". So will post the next update when I get it. Oh and the Forum is 'For Sale'.
* Later in the day, this is the best I could find.

Saving the new program (adailycash) for last while I collect my thoughts on it.

SurftotheFuture: another smooth surf day done. That's day 8 out of 11 for me. Well, for my first spend anyway. I actually made two. Goin good.

PXSense: had another nice cash-out today so my seed money is coming back little by little. I heard a rumor about some sort of matrix being added? Well, I'll tell you about it when I see it or when I learn more. Deal?

GBC: sorry but gonna skip this one.
Always good stuff, right Gord?

Lucid Nature: was gonna cash out but might wait till the weekend since we don't earn on weekends anyway. OK, that's my plan.

aDailyCash: Advertising ... That Pays!
Saw this one yesterday but didn't jump on it. It was getting late and I was getting tired. Then got to chatting with my sponsor about it and decided to take the plunge. Basics are:
- $10 per advertising position
- Earn 3% daily for 50 days, up to 150% ROI
- No sponsoring requirements
- For each 4 of your expired positions, you can earn a cycle position that pays more later (although I'm not sure that will work if you're a 'passive' player).
- In order to earn that Cycle position, there is a one-time $20 matrix fee. Again, not sure if it's for everyone especially if you don't promote. Am trying to get details on that now so I don't mislead anyone.
- Accepts AP, OKPay, LR and PM.
- Minimum cash out is $20 plus a small fee (5%). (Makes no sense since a $10 will finish at $15. The Admin has been asked to look at this.)
*Also if you compound when you get to $10, then you can cash out, but not for 100 days as opposed to 50.
- 2 Tier RC, 10% and 5%
- Don't know who the Admin is yet but someone does and she's not talking (no it's not me).
**Update: just found this on Gord's blog and he got it from a reliable source: 
"aDailyCash is run by the Admin(s) of SprintWealth.com, still online today, which started back in March of 2010, so they have been around the block and have experience."
Ahhhhh what else? 
Looks like an easy way to earn a few dollars and fast too. Once we get to $20, we can withdraw, which I will probably do until I feel more comfortable with it. 
Give a holler if you need to. I should be around.
Cheers :)