Friday, September 5, 2014


LinumFund: as some of you may know, their site was down for a brief time yesterday. Everything is fine now but NOTE: before requesting or confirming any cash outs, do check your "Pay Systems" list to be sure your pay processor info hasn't disappeared or changed.

My friend of mine had a problem with Bitcoin but it was corrected by support as soon as it was reported. So check and double check, especially your BTC address before confirming your withdrawal.

On another note, everyone seems to be loving the program and new deposits just keep rolling in. Oh and the payouts aren't too shabby either. Thanks Admin :)


PerfectAdSolution: it seems since the re-opening of PAS there is a small glitch with regards to getting credited for your daily Surfing. My Vacation Setting was still active so I did not have a problem but those who were surfing were not getting credited for it.
Admin is aware of it and working on a solution now.
I'll report when I hear more. Stay Tuned :)

* My surf vacation ended so I'm not receiving anything on the 'old' rev packs now either. Still watching for news.

** Right after I wrote the above, my earning came through. I think there's still a glitch but don't forget to surf!

I'm so lucky today. HBO (Home Box Office) is having a free movie weekend and I get to watch "Gravity" for free. Maybe that'll be my lunchtime entertainment. I heard it's awesome so can't wait.

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