Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Updates

I did have to report for "Jury Duty" yesterday but only one of three cases required a Jury. They drew 22 names out of a hat to interview but mine did not come up. So I was home before 10 AM. Long day though, being up since 5. Just not used to those hours.

Well let's see...
LinumFund hasn't skipped a beat and I was paid again today instantly to my STP account. Thanks Guys!

Sparbs: my 15 day plan expired and I was paid from them overnight as well. Thank you much Admin :)

PAS is doing good for me. Are you all getting your earnings like you should be? There's a detailed note in the Aug 31st update about 'old spends, new spends and their earnings' if you feel you don't understand the process.
Timing your surfing is the tricky part though. Just be sure to jot down the time you do it each day, and surf again the next day right after that time.

Oh hey, there's a really good article over at Gord's Home Biz today written by none other than our own lovable "mm", also known as munnymachine in the forums. It's all about BitCoin and certainly worth the read.

Speaking of btc, I got an email from an Admin (of the past) today about a new program he plans to launch soon. I replied with a couple of questions but he hasn't wrote me back yet. The little bit he told me sounded really interesting but until I know more or get to see the site, I have nothing specific to share. Will let you know all about it as soon as I can.


Anonymous said...

Aw shucks. Was just adding my two pennies (or 0.00004 btc) to the conversation is all. Glad you enjoyed it :)
Looking forward to reading about the new program.

blondie said...

I did enjoy it, very much.
As someone who has not been involved with btc very long, it was really informative.
I especially liked the last paragraph as I recall.
Thanks again mm for sharing :)